Office worker reading business e-mail.

Microsoft Office has been providing key services to businesses, schools and individuals since its initial release date in 1990. It has moved with the tides and adapted to the needs of its users for nearly three decades — always a step ahead and pushing the envelope with its advanced functionality.

From your PowerPoint presentations about the solar system in elementary school to your Excel spreadsheets of consumer data at work, Office has been there at every turn, providing the support and the tools you need to present ideas and information in the clearest and most effective way possible.

Even today, Office continues to revolutionize the playing field, with its offerings of both Office 365 and Office 2019. The IT professionals at Frontier IT in Colorado Springs pointed out that it is key to understand the differences between the two programs, and choose the one that will best fulfill your business needs. Here are some points to consider.

Let's start with Office 2019:

● Office 2019, like many traditional releases of Office since its inception, is sold as a one-time purchase.

● This version of Office has a single, up-front cost and is available for both Mac and PC. However, on Windows it only supports Windows 10.

● Apps include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Project, Visio, Access and Publisher are available at an extra cost.

● This software can only be installed on one computer.

● Users receive new security patches.

● There is no expiration date, so you can enjoy using all of its functionalities as long as you like. But there are also no upgrades, so it will not be updated as Office rolls out new features and security improvements.

● To take advantage of new features, you will have to buy the latest version of Office each time.

● Technical support included for installation only.

Moving on to Office 365:

Office 365 is a cloud-based, subscription service.

● You pay a small monthly fee, or you can save by paying for a full year.

● Apps include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. PC users also get Access and Publisher.

● You can install Office 365 on all of your devices, plus be signed into five devices at the same time.

● You can access your files from your PC, Mac, tablets and phones.

● Users always get the latest features, new tools, security updates and bug fixes.

● Includes 1TB of cloud storage per user. These files can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

● Comes complete with technical support throughout the duration of your subscription for no extra cost.


Office 2019 is that classic program on your computer’s desktop that you know and love. It’s straightforward, simple and to the point. If you are not looking for extensive features, connectivity, included storage space and the latest updates — you just want a quick solution to keep on a single computer for years to come — it is a good option. The biggest pro is that you own it! Once you pay for it upfront, it is yours to keep. It is best suited for individual users with one dedicated desktop or laptop computer, who do not plan on upgrading for three or more years. The cost of Office 2019 is equivalent to two-and-a-half years of an Office 365 subscription.

Office 365 is for those who want the latest features and to stay connected. It is extremely valuable for businesses of all sizes, in that you can seamlessly share documents with colleagues, access files from any device, and utilize the features of the latest versions of the programs. The one con is that you never own it, so there will always be a future cost. However, this is barely a con, considering that you are always using the latest software for just a small monthly fee and are always protected by the latest security updates. This software is best suited for businesses of all sizes, for office-wide sharing and version compatibility.

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