Network Monitoring Can Predict the Future

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Let's face it, we aren't psychics. But network monitoring can predict the future for us. Every business, small and large, can benefit tremendously from this “magic power.” If you can see a crash or a ransomware attack or router failure before it happens, wouldn't you want to?

Network monitoring is when a system is implemented to constantly oversee a computer's network. The moment that the system detects unusual activity or components that have slowed down, the network administrator is messaged to further investigate and correct the issue before it escalates or causes an outage.

According to the experts here at Frontier IT in Colorado Springs, this clever clairvoyant in your IT landscape is crucial for 12 reasons:

Identifies security threats. Since your network is constantly monitored, it can pick up on unusual or suspicious network activity.

  1. Shortens the troubleshooting process. A text or email is sent automatically that identifies the issue.
  2. Easily manages current and potential issues. Simple commands can provide reports that reveal troubled devices, allowing your IT professional to act swiftly.
  3. Prevents costly downtime. Hourly costs for business network outages can be as much as $ 6.48 million per hour, so the faster you can resolve, the better.
  4. Increases productivity. Tackling problems before they occur means less downtime for your business, and fewer interruptions for your staff.
  5. Improves performance. Network monitoring is not only for resolving problems, it is for utilizing your IT landscape to its maximum potential.
  6. Manages multiple databases, devices, and servers in one place, at one time. A live map gives you full visibility of your network and devices, and how they are performing. This applies to cloud computing as well.
  7. Allocates tasks to underutilized server. Since you can see all devices at one time, you can visualize which servers can be better utilized.
  8. Receives monthly status reports. You can receive monthly status reports on your network activity, as well as the current physical conditions and attributes of your devices.
  9. Implements upgrades and patches. Keep track of all necessary software upgrade and patches. This ensures better performance and higher security.
  10. Handles growing networks. Network monitoring allows your business to grow, and helps you handle any potential growing pains along the way.
  11. Demonstrates when equipment upgrades are needed. It can be hard to justify a large IT purchase, but with reports and equipment status, you have concrete evidence of exactly what upgrades are necessary.

Put the guessing games aside. Network monitoring can save you time, money, frustration, and allow you to make the most of that pricey IT equipment that keeps your business breathing.

For more information about implementing Network Monitoring at your company, call the IT pros at Frontier IT at 719-888-HELP.