Saddletree Homes dares to challenge the status quo through an integration of technologies that can bring your smart home to life. With smart home automation, comfort, convenience and security are literally at your fingertips.

“Via an app on your phone you can do anything from closing the garage, to seeing who’s at the front door to turning down the heat,” said Kelley Barcus, CFO of Saddletree Homes. “The norm in the industry, especially among production builders, is not even close to the level of smart home integration that comes standard in our homes.”

To keep at the leading edge, Saddletree Homes has partnered with ListenUp, a locally-owned and nationally-known home automation company, with locations in Denver, Boulder, Albuquerque, Portland as well as a large branch right here in Colorado Springs.

ListenUp and Control4

ListenUp installs the control panel or “The Brain,” a state-of-the-art automation system manufactured by Control4, in all Saddletree Homes. Even when you’re on the go, this system allows you to control lighting, entertainment, security, energy and more via your phone, tablet and/or computer. Saddletree Homes’ standard Control4 features include:

1. Video surveillance doorbell

With the video surveillance doorbell, if someone comes up to your door, a camera picks up movement, automatically turns itself on and notifies your phone. You receive a notification and can verbally communicate with a visitor (or, God forbid, an intruder), and even see a live video of them on your end of the call. Surprisingly, for most break-ins people ring the doorbell, and if no one answers they break in. In this case, when the video doorbell is activated and an intruder hears your voice, they will likely flee the scene. “Another use for doorbell surveillance is, for example, if you hire a snow removal company and want to make sure that they showed up; you can activate the camera and check your driveway for snow,” Barcus said.

2. Security system pre-wire

Whether you activate your security system upon move-in or prefer to hold off, the capabilities are there. You never have to go through the headache of wiring a security system at a later date. “A triggered security system ensures that the burglar knows the home is being monitored, and the police are notified.”

3. Lighting control switches

It’s not very pleasant to walk into a pitch-black home at the end of a long work day and fumble to find the switch. Timers and phone controls allow you to have just the right amount of light in just the right place, at key points in your day. Further, even if you’re on a lounge chair in the Caribbean enjoying the ocean sunset, you can remotely turn on a light in a front room of your house to make it appear like you’re home. “Another great aspect of lighting control is the themes that you can set. With the tap of a single button, the lighting can be appropriately adjusted to any given task or event, such as a party or movie, based on your preferences,” said Barcus.

4. Nest thermostat integration

The Nest thermostat can be programmed or controlled via your phone. Maybe you’re coming home from a winter vacation and want the home to be cozy when you arrive — you can turn up the heat on your drive home from the airport. Or maybe it’s the summer and you get home from the gym at seven at night each day — you can program the Nest so that the house is nice and cool when you arrive. Optimal and efficient climate control is effortless as the Nest adjusts to your lifestyle.

5. Optional capabilities with the Control4 system

Other Control4 features that are optional, yet easy to install in any Saddletree home, include automatic sprinkler systems, landscape lighting, automatic window blinds, the ability to remotely unlock the door for family or friends if needed and more. “In the case of automatic window blinds, for example, we can wire every single window opening so they can be installed without hassle if the desire arises,” said Barcus.

After closing, a ListenUp technician meets with the homeowner and helps with setup and education. “We understand that not everyone is tech savvy, but the ListenUp technicians are there to hold your hand every step of the way. Once you get past the slight learning curve, it’s very hard to go back to a home without these capabilities,” said Barcus.

Saddletree Homes does not stop there

Their homes also come standard with a high-efficiency electric/hybrid water heater that has built-in Wi-Fi leak detection. If a leak occurs, it will be automatically communicated to your phone. They also include Wi-Fi-enabled garage doors, called MyQ, which work with Control4. No more worrying if you remembered to close the garage — you can easily check your phone when in doubt.

“We are consistently trying to think of our customers, their lifestyle and how we can make it better,” said Barcus. “A lot of our customers have a fast-paced life, so what we’re doing is giving peace of mind to people who already have so much on their plates — and for a lot of people, peace of mind is very valuable.”

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