By forging a culture of caring, Amada helps employees, clients, remain happy and healthy

When an Amada Senior Care caregiver meets a client for the first time, it’s not the first time they’ve heard about the person. Maybe he was in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II and likes butter pecan ice cream. Maybe she was Miss U.S.A. 1952 and when they go to her home, she’s got a trophy from the Atlantic City event that’s almost as big as the average office cube. They may not have their own pageant award, but many report how rewarding it is to work at Amada.

A history of caring service

One of the things Amada caregivers always receive that’s unique in the industry is a full background file and pre-engagement interview to ensure it’s a great fit between them and their respective clients. And it usually is: After undergoing non-medical caregiver training in transport, lifts, gate belt and other personal care worker musts, they might even spend time in the Amada test kitchen near Palmer Lake learning how to cook their client’s favorite foods.

Caregivers receive great training at Amada.

Caregivers are trained to help people with different mobility requirements.

“Our caregivers often forge strong bonds with the person they are visiting, and enjoy listening and learning about them and their rich history,” said Ken Jenson, owner and CEO of Amada Senior Care, serving the Colorado Springs region and beyond. “They care for our clients so well, I think, in part, because our company cares so much for them.”

Caring for the caregivers

The Amada team just had a summer barbeque for caregivers and their families and also holds a back-to-school supply open house, where caregivers can come in and grab backpacks and other essentials for their kids before school opens. Karesa Porter Ramsay was at the open house and told us,

Caregiver planting

Caregivers help  out in the home or on the property as needed. 

“I used to work for other companies, trust me, they’re not like here—they make me feel at home at Amada. I love this company, it’s a blessing to work here. They treat us like family.”

Her sister-in-law, Shadae Williams, is an experienced memory care specialist and came to Amada after hearing about their personal care for both clients and their employees.

“I love this company. They are very flexible with shifts and allow us to work around family obligations to make a schedule that works for everyone,” Williams said.

Jenson also awards Caregiver of the Month when clients report back about the great things Amada caregivers do, day-after-day, for the people they care for and grow to know and appreciate.

“We have clients who need anywhere from four- to 24-hour personal care from our caregivers. It doesn’t seem to matter how long our great employees are on-site with clients—they all forge tremendous bonds that I hear about every day,” Jenson said.

Stay at home, stay comfortable

One of the wonderful things caregivers and their clients offer families is the ability to stay home and be cared for when frailty or illness might warrant an assisted living or nursing home move. Jenson said that families are very relieved when they learn they don’t have to move Mom or Dad or Auntie just yet—long term care (LTC) insurance will pay for Amada’s services. Amada caregivers can bring clients shopping; clean; cook; take care of bed linens—and the client can stay comfortable in their own home. Amada staff will even help you with the paperwork and explain, step-by-step how payments work, as well.

“If you’re visiting a senior you love and it’s becoming apparent that they’re struggling to stay tidy, losing weight or are becoming a fall risk, please be sure to look into home care services first,” Jenson said. “I have seen our clients blossom when they’re being visited regularly and wholeheartedly welcome the attentions of our caring staff.”

Holistic care for caregivers

Jenson says that there are career opportunities for caregivers to get subsidized training from Amada as they expand their skills and reach their personal goals. The certifications available for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and other certifications are 50% covered by the company, who will work with the individual to ensure they can continue their respective schedule while attending school. Amada also offers continuing education at their headquarters in Palmer Lake as well as promoting office help, expanded nursing caregivers and other options for advancement from within the company. Jenson also reports higher-than-industry average retention numbers for their client-facing staff.

“We’re invested in our caregivers because we know everything depends on their comfort and fulfillment working here. That translates to their caring and expert services to our clients,” Jenson said. “Plus, we just enjoy them as people and as members of the Amada family.”

Next up for the Amada family? The team will enjoy a Christmas party together in early December with free toys for all of the kids.