Group of People in Seminar

Hospital case managers take pride in being knowledgeable about the care options they can offer their clients, so it can be uncomfortable for them to not have answers ready when faced by a family who needs to know how they’re going pay for senior care when it’s needed.

So much so, that they may not even risk asking those clients if they have a Long-Term Care Insurance policy.

Amada Senior Care CEO/Owner Ken Jenson has found that many case managers don’t want to ask that question, because they don’t have answers to the questions that will follow. “A lot of their clients have these assets that are accessible for homecare or assisted living, and they’re not being asked that question because the information base isn’t there,” he says.

That’s why Amada is offering seminars to educate case managers, directors of case management, hospital employees, skilled nursing facility employees and nurses about these options.

Statistically, about 15 percent of older adults have Long-Term Care Insurance, and among seniors who were formerly in the military, the figure is much higher. “When I first started this [Amada Senior Care], about 92 percent of seniors were not using their policies, and we’re making an impact on that because families are beginning to understand the value of the policies they have,” says Jenson.

He stresses that policies like these will likely pay for all of a policy holder’s present and future care, and will help them enjoy a safer and higher quality of life either independently or at an assisted living facility.

When asked why there’s such a knowledge gap on this topic, Jenson says, “It is very difficult when someone walks in, and the policy is 50 pages long. These case managers don’t have the time to dig in. But what we can do is teach them some very simple concepts so they can look at that and say, ‘Oh yeah, you have a great policy.’”

This seminar on Long-Term Care Insurance and Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Aid & Attendance benefits will be held Monday, September 24, at 4 p.m. at Kaiser Permanente, 1975 Research Parkway, in Colorado Springs. It lasts about 45 minutes, is free of charge, and snacks will be provided. Attendees will earn one Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

In this particular course, attendees can expect to learn about how the policies work, how to activate them, the six activities of daily living (to assess a clients’ level of independence), the two types of care: Hands-on and Standby, and how both types can qualify for coverage. The class is one of four CEU courses that Amada offers on a rotating basis, and it should be mentioned that no other local senior care companies provide classes like these.

“The feedback I typically get is, it’s the best CEU they’ve ever taken because it’s not drudgery, and they walk out with knowledge they can use to help their patients and clients. It’s about a topic that they should really be versed in,” says Jenson.

It’s not common knowledge that Long-Term Care policies have some of the greatest benefits available to clients, and that’s why seniors aren’t using their policies. Says Jenson, “I like to say, with these Long-Term Care Insurance companies, that if you don’t use your policy, they put your name on a little plaque and hang it on the wall, because you paid for it 20 to 25 years, and you didn’t use a dollar.”

Neither Jenson nor Amada Senior Care are in the insurance business. “I get asked if we sell Long-Term Care Insurance all the time. We do not. We help families use their policies. We help them understand how we can make that policy last the rest of their lives,” he says.

Families usually don’t realize how much homecare these policies can provide. One of the most common concerns older adults have is running out of money for care, but by utilizing these policies they typically will never even come close to having that happen.

Jenson summarizes by saying, “If you are a case manager and don’t understand Long-Term Care Insurance … if you’re not asking all your clients, ‘Do you have Long-Term Care Insurance?’ then you need to come to this CEU. I promise you’ll have a great time, and when you walk out you’ll know a thousand times more.”

The CEU seminar on Long-Term Care Insurance and VA Aid & Attendance benefits presented by Amada Senior Care will be held Monday, September 24, at 4 p.m. at Kaiser Permanente, 1975 Research Parkway, Suite 250, Colorado Springs, 80920. To register, go to gazette.com/amada. For more information on Amada Senior Care, call 719-377-9121 or visit amadaseniorcare.com.