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There is truly no place like home. Having a home base is an unparalleled joy. It’s peace of mind. It’s financial security. It’s a beautiful slice of this mountain state reserved just for you and your loved ones for generations. Without a home, there is a sense of unease, of a beginning that has yet to come. Read more

"Typically we walk into a crisis situation,” Jenson says of the typical scenario he encounters when he’s first called into someone’s home. “Mom fell and broke her hip. Her kids from out of town have gotten a call from the hospital saying they’re releasing her tomorrow and that she’ll need homecare. You don't have 100 days anymore. For a broken hip you may get seven days in rehab. So we sit down with them, and by the time we leave, everyone has a plan. We can usually get a caregiver to a home within an hour.” Read more

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