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As the national focus on high school athletics shifts to health and safety, the Colorado High School Activities Association has taken a similar step to ensure Colorado athletics is at the forefront of risk minimization and safety.

Wednesday morning the CHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, comprised of experts in pediatrics and children’s safety, met to make recommendations and launch initiatives to provide a safer participation environment for Colorado high school athletics.

According to a press release published by CHSAA, the advisory committee recommended the launch of Head, Heart and Heat Program, which will focus on the three major areas of concern for student safety.

According to CHSAA Commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green, CHSAA will invite art students from across Colorado to design the logo for the new initiative, which will become the brand for all things dealing with CHSAA health and safety.

“Every time we send something out that has to do with medical safety, there will be that logo that instantly tells you that this is from the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee,” Blanford-Green said. “It’s something our members have bought into and our legislators love. This is a proactive move and we understand where we need to be going.”

In addition to the launch of Head, Heart and Heat, the advisory committee took another step toward passing mandates for the Venue Emergency Action Plan. The recommended mandate will be forwarded  to the Board of Directors for creation and will be voted on during the January council.

Changes to the CHSAA Sports Medicine Handbook, and development of CHSAA- sponsored educational videos were also agreed upon during Wednesday’s meeting.

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