The Broncos’ 2018 season is over on Halloween.


And the team’s 2019 season will be equally sorrowful.


A Broncos-backing buffoon wrote that Denver devotees shouldn’t give up on this year.

The Broncos’ management (read: John Elway) has capitulated. Demaryius Thomas was traded Tuesday for future returns.

Wouldn’t it be absurd if D.T. catches the winning TD in Sunday’s game for his new team?

Denver Broncos players past and present react to Demaryius Thomas trade

Elway persistently declares he wants to win now and from now on. Instead, the Broncos’ philosophy has become: Win now and then.

The franchise’s record since the Super Bowl championship is 17-23, and the Broncos will miss the playoffs for the third straight time since the dark days of 2006-2010 when they were left out of the postseason five consecutive years.

So, is the trade involving Thomas is supposed to help the Broncos in the here and now? Courtland Sutton will be the featured receiver, and Emmanuel Sanders still is a stalwart starter. Tim Patrick caught a touchdown pass last week. But rookie DeSean Hamilton is recovering from an MCL sprain, and bad penny Isaiah McKenzie was hurt against the Chiefs. Jordan Taylor is returning from double-hip surgery.

A quarter of the NFL teams made deals to improve their playoff circumstances in the second half of the season. The Broncos improved their salary-cap situation for next season.

Wouldn’t it be paradoxical if D.T. is a contributor in his last game ever in Denver defeating “the leader of men’’ in his last game ever in Denver?

Vance Joseph has lost twice as many games as he has won in a season and a half, and he won’t survive if the impression he leaves is 8-17. The bye week would give Elway an opportunity to replace Joseph and defensive coordinator Joe Woods.

These are the times that try Broncos’ souls, Thomas Paine would suggest.

The backup, and would-be starter, Broncos quarterback was arrested for being caught way out of bounds, and unceremoniously dumped.

The players’ premature Halloween party, where the quarterback became disoriented and disenfranchised, included a couple of veterans in questionable costumes, and the Broncos wound up on TMZ, a network that breaks rumors on mischief-making actors.

Pat Bowlen’s younger brother Bill filed a suit seeking that the three trustees overseeing the franchise, who were accused of “assuming a dizzying number of different and (conflicting) roles,’’ be removed from power.

The mistaken-ridden Broncos were defeated by the Chiefs for the seventh consecutive game in four seasons, and have dropped five of their last six games and their 15th of 20 dating to Oct. 15, 2017.

Elway, the Mount Passmore of Colorado and the Duke of Denver, is continuing to feel intense heat because none of the quarterbacks he drafted in an eight-year reign as boss of football operations remains with the Broncos, and high-cost free agent acquisition Case Keenum has thrown an interception in every game this season.

The busted Broncos traded Thomas, one of the three best receivers in team history — and the last player standing from the pre-Elway era. The Tim Tebow-Thomas connection won the January 2012 playoff game in overtime against the Steelers. Thomas was mentoring first-year receivers Sutton and Hamilton even though it meant his tenure in Denver was approaching an end.

The powerful Broncos have sunk to the depths of the ‘60s-early ‘70s laughingstocks.

Yet, the Broncos claim they are better than 3-5, just as they claimed they were better than 3-5 last year. Joseph admitted Monday the Broncos are what their record is.

Ahead on the schedule are four games, or more, the Broncos definitely will lose.

They are on target for another first-round choice in the top five, but the quarterback group for 2019 is not as potentially potent as the last two classes. Oregon’s Justin Herbert, who Joseph would call “tall’’ at 6-foot-6, likely will go back for his senior season.

The rest are end-of-the-round types.

The top-ranked free-agent veterans are Tyrod Taylor and Teddy Bridgewater. Uh.

Will Elway finally reach out to Stanford coach David Shaw or a retread such as Jim Schwartz?

Ichabod Crane?

The future for the Headless Horsemen is not now or near.

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