Well, this could be the last time,

This could be the last time,

Maybe the last time,

I don’t know, oh no, oh no.

– The Rolling Stones

Well, this could be the first time,

This could be the first time,

Maybe the first time,

I don’t know, oh no, oh, no. – Me

When the Rolling Stones played old Mile High Stadium in 1994, Mick Jagger was 51 and Keith Richards 50. And it was suggested that it would be their last concert in Denver. Now, they are 75 and 74, and the Stones will be playing at the new Mile High Stadium on May 26.

Possibly before then, Denver’s four major professional franchises will have played in the playoffs in a seventh-month span.

This could be the first time.

The Broncos have to cooperate.

Paul Klee: Hold your horses, but credit leaders (and followers) for Broncos surge into playoff talk

The Rockies already have done their part, participating in the postseason for the fifth time in their existence. The Rockies and the Broncos shared their stadium with the Stones 24 years ago.

The Nuggets and the Avalanche, who shared their arena with the Stones on Thanksgiving of 2005 in the greatest rock‘n’roll band’s last appearance in Denver, are doing their own start-me-up now.

The Nuggets are tied for first in the NBA’s Western Conference after Monday night’s remarkable victory against the Raptors — first in the Eastern Conference — in Toronto.

The Avalanche, with a game Tuesday night in Pittsburgh, is in second in the NHL’s Western Conference.

Could you conceive? Do you believe?

The Rockies won 91 games. The Avs and the Nuggets each have won 16 already. And the Broncos have won six after three straight victories, and have a legitimate chance at the playoffs.

Is this Colorado’s time to get satisfaction?

The Mount Evans of young Denver pro athletes would be Kyle Freeland, Phillip Lindsay, Jamal Murray and Mikko Rantanen.

And they aren’t even the best players on their teams.

Let the good times roll’n’rock.

The Avalanche and the Nuggets certainly will make the playoffs for the first season together since 2009-10.

There have been many winters of our discontent.

However, DIA has just been named the No. 1 airport in the country, despite being in Kansas, and the Rockies were seventh in major league attendance, the Broncos (with the longest NFL sellout streak) are fifth, while the Avs and the Nugs, bottom-feeders for quite a while, are drawing right at 95 percent capacity this season.

And since I’m the unofficial chief of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, this is paradise. The ski areas are second to none this season, and The Gazette was selected the state’s top major newspaper.

I won’t mention the major college football programs. They know who they are.

So, Broncos?

Can CU’s Own Vance Joseph beat Denver’s Own Kyle Shanahan on Sunday, and will the Broncos replicate their performance of Super Bowl 50 in the Santa Clara, Calif., stadium named for either blue jeans or the late lead singer of the Four Tops?

The Bay Area is having its worst season since the Giants and the A’s had a cumulative record of 139-175 in 1985. The 49ers and the Raiders are 4-20.

The Broncos get them both in two of the next three games. Happy holidays.

Oddly enough, the Broncos are fifth in rushing offense (1,590 yards) and the 49ers seventh (1,540). The run should be the difference, and the score should be low.

But, enough about them.

The Nuggets have defeated five of the six teams with the best records in the West, and they have knocked off the Raptors and the Celtics from the East. The Nuggets sagged for a stretch, but returned to brilliance – even without Isaiah Thomas and Michael Porter Jr. playing a game, and Will Barton and Gary Harris out with injuries.

The Avalanche have won nine games since Nov. 11, and lost only two in extra time. Nate MacKinnon is having another MVP-type start with an Avalanche-high 19 goals with 24 assists through Tuesday afternoon, and Rantanen has 11 goals and, check this, 34 assists. Butch & Sundance 2.0, reminiscent of Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg.

Denver has enjoyed phases with two and even three teams in the playoffs, but never all four from October-April.

The Rolling Stones may get to join the celebration.

Well, this could be the best time, oh yes.

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