Chiefs-Broncos was rather reminiscent of a 1922 NFL 7-6 game between the Columbus Panhandles and the Toledo Maroons.

The films of Sunday night’s disgrace will be burned instead of being kept in the NFL archives.

The flex became a flummox.

That was The Sordid Pity in Kansas City. Both the Broncos and the Chiefs should apologize, and the NFL never again should change their afternoon affair into a nightmare.

If this were a beer league football game, it would have been called off after two six-packs. If this were a fight, it would have been stopped midway of the second round. If it were a Broadway show, it would have been canceled at intermission.

I’ve watched Broncos-Chiefs games for 47 seasons, and there hasn’t been such a muck-up since Kyle Orton and Matt Cassel were the opposing quarterbacks in Kansas City in 2010 — when the Chiefs won 10-6.

Patrick Mahomes didn’t beat the Broncos. Neither did Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

The Chiefs were appalling on offense and reluctant on defense. Afterward the franchise should have given back the money to a sellout crowd paid for tickets to get in.

Mahomes, who is supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread was invented in 1928, was terrible. Someone should have said to him: “First game?’’ He finished with 15 of 29 passes for 184 yards and no touchdowns and one interception. He spent much of the game throwing side-arm and short-arm. Maybe he should have passed underhanded. Tight end Kelce, who is supposed to be the best in the league, had three catches, on eight targets, for a measly 27 yards and no touchdowns. Hill, who is supposed to be all-world on deep patterns, ended up with two receptions 22 yards. The other three times throws were intended for him weren’t even close.

The Chiefs’ running back with the hyphenated name rushed 14 times for only 54 yards.

The team that has played in the last two Super Bowls belongs in the Outback Bowl.

But, get this. The Chiefs defeated the Broncos 22-9.

So what that does that say about the Broncos, who were participating in their most meaningful game since Super Bowl. With a victory, the Broncos would have taken over first place in the AFC West (with the tiebreaker).

Yet, the Broncos couldn’t have won the Colorado eight-man football championship.

If you are as tired of hearing from coach Vic Fangio and the rest of the Broncos how good and trusting and courageous quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is, let’s have a meeting. Give us a break. Bridgewater did complete 22 of 40 passes, but I can’t remember one of them. He had 257 yards with one touchdown when the Chiefs defense felt sorry for the Broncos. And he gave up two ridiculous interceptions, including the latest pick-six. Teddy did make some effort for a tackle, but he’s better off just staying out of the way.

Rookie Javonte Williams had a world-class game, but that’s the end of the highlights. Most of Sunday evening was a low-life sort of effort by the Broncos on offense. Even though the defense played exceedingly well against a Chiefs offense that played poorly, it didn’t make any difference.

The Broncos didn’t threaten and didn’t have any chance to win.

Oh, the Broncos are 6-6 and still will win some more with the Lions and the Bengals coming to town, but does anybody think the Broncos can throttle the Chiefs in the final regular-season games or win in Los Angeles or Las Vegas?

The coaching staff refused to play Drew Lock in the late-going Sunday night and would prefer he’s not even on the sideline

But Teddy Bridgewater prove he’s just in the protracted line of bad Broncos’ quarterbacks. How many times did he go deep to Courtland Sutton? How many times did he even look in Tim Patrick’s direction? How many times did Jerry Jeudy really do anything wonderful?

The Chiefs were willing to be upset as Mahomes continues to perform erratically. Maybe he should change his name to Luke Warm. Nevertheless, the Chiefs will win the division again.

And, unless the Broncos change, the Chiefs, no matter how they play, will win another 12 consecutive games.

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