Flush Gordon fumbled, and Teddy Bridgequarterback futilely watched his future fly past as the Broncos were undone by Slay The Dragon Sunday.

Momentum morphed into retrogression. One week the Broncos score 30 points, then permit 30 the next.

One play at the end of the third quarter seemed to summarize the Broncos’ season and the entire Vic Fangio phase.

With Fangio in charge, the Broncos now are 1-20 when trailing at halftime.

That smear is deplorable.

The Broncos had a crucial opportunity against the Eagles to tie, then win and be relevant in the AFC playoff photograph.

Down 20-13, the Broncos were beneficiaries of Justin Simmons’ fourth interception. With 55 second remaining in the third period, the Broncos had fourth-and-one at the Eagles’ 23.

Teddy Bridgewater handed to Melvin Gordon III, who slammed into the right side and, against four converging Eagles, appeared to gain the necessary distance before Davion Taylor forced him to fumble.

Two weeks ago against the Washington Football Team, Gordon similar fumbled in the final minute, and the Broncos barely survived. This time the football popped from the pile and was grabbed from the grass at the 18-yard line by cornerback Darius Slay Jr.. He dropped the ball, then scooped it again as he ran toward the middle of the field, then reversed direction and discovered almost no resistance. Slay slipped from one lame try, zigged and zagged.

Only Bridgewater remained in his path. But the Broncos’ QB didn’t try to stop, slow down or tackle Slay. Later Teddy said he was trying to force Slay inside so someone else would catch him from behind.

Instead, Slay, who was concerned that the fumble would be overruled or that a penalty might be called, coasted into the end zone.

It was 27-13 instead of 20-20 as the quarter concluded.

In the fourth quarter the Broncos went three-and-out, three-and-out again, gave up another field goal and, finally, almost scored a meaningless touchdown before Bridgewater, on fourth down, threw a pass to the back of the end zone that Tim Patrick could have caught if he was 8-foot-1.

In two games against the Cowboys and the Eagles, the final point total for the opposition was 46 and for the Broncos 43. Hard to comprehend.

Can’t fault offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, who was in COVID protocol. He certainly won’t be replaced by quarterbacks coach Mike Shula, whose play-determining produced one measly touchdown.

But Tom McMahon may beat the rest of the coaching staff out of town after still another special (ha!) teams gaffe let Eagles’ defender K’Von Wallace, untouched, block a shocked Brandon McManus’ easy field goal attempt.

The Broncos were atrocious. Defensive tackle Shelby Harris blamed the players, then blamed the coaches.

Another blame game in Denver.

The Broncos can be thankful for Thanksgiving that the Chargers and the Raiders are about as pitiful. The Chargers in Los Angeles Sunday, and the Raiders were drubbed by the Chiefs in Las Vegas Sunday night. The Chiefs finally have reached first place in the AFC West, while the Broncos have dropped to last -- and have five games left with the other division teams. Three are on the road.

Most people in Colorado can’t wait for a new owner, a new coach, a new offensive coordinator and a new quarterback to get here. But they’ll have to. Joe Ellis, John Elway and George Paton are not clearing out the stadium without Boss Bronco.

But the fans did clear out after the fumble-failed tackle as late came early again in a third home defeat.

Gordon and Javonte Williams returned to normal against the Eagles with 48 and 45 yards rushing after an incredible 190 the week before.

This time the Eagles erupted with running backs Jordan Howard and Boston Scott and quarterback Jalen Hurts running for 83, 81 and 53 to bust the Broncos with 217 yards.

And Hurts certainly outplayed Bridgewater, who acts like water under the bridge.

Gordon fumbled for the 20th time in his career.

Even Fangio, who concentrates on defense, admitted afterward that the Broncos (read: Bridgewater) must throw the ball to Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy more often. Sutton and Patrick can’t wait to become unrestricted free agents.

Next Sunday will be a bye. This Sunday was bye-bye.

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