Doug Lamborn

Rep. Doug Lamborn (Associated Press)

Space Command will remain in Colorado Springs for years to come, and possibly forever, thanks in large part to U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn.

The benefits of Space Command are immense for the Pikes Peak region and the rest of Colorado. It will boost our stable economy with high-wage jobs filled by engineers, scientists, and others with extraordinary educational credentials and 21st-century skillsets. It will attract private-sector aerospace companies to this region. It will make our community and state the home of our nation’s most important future military ventures. Keeping Space Command where it is will enhance national security.

Keeping Space Command means keeping Lamborn.

Working with Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, Lamborn has made sure President Donald Trump, Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett, and a variety of Pentagon officials understand the tactical, cultural and practical advantages of keeping space force in the Springs. It is an easy case to make, but Lamborn has never taken lightly the fact other members of Congress from Florida, Alabama, California and other states want to host Space Command and will move mountains to do so.

In a debate this week, Democratic nominee Jillian Freeland appeared to confuse Space Command with Space Force — the military’s space warfare service branch based in Colorado Springs. Space Command is a unified combatant command operation of the Department of Defense. It is confusing, but someone running for Congress should know a lot about each operation.

Lamborn’s seniority has paid off substantially in recent years. He played a key role in establishing the Pikes Peak National Cemetery to serve as the burial site for up to 95,000 veterans.

He helped establish a permanent air tanker base at the Colorado Springs Airport by working with the U.S. Forest Service and city government. Last year, he became the Republican ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee’s Readiness Subcommittee.

As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Lamborn successfully pushed for a 3.1% pay increase for military troops in the most recent National Defense Authorization Act. He opposes abortion, is a champion of children and helped craft a recently enacted congressional bill to protect Olympic athletes from sexual abuse.

Freeland opposes the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania, which allows nonprofit religious organizations to opt out of funding contraception in their employee health insurance plans. In other words, she has little regard for religious liberty and the rights of philanthropic nuns who morally object to contraception.

On every issue, without exception, Freeland comes across as a left-wing extremist with a radical agenda to fundamentally change the United States. She wants federal control of wages; free education from kindergarten through college; a nationwide mail-in ballot system with automatic voter registration; publicly funded elections and no more campaign fundraising; nationwide licensure for gun owners; a ban on open carry of firearms; permissive immigration policies; no border wall; and a “move away from a punitive” criminal justice system.

In the highly unlikely event District 5 elects Freeland, AOC + 3 would grow to AOC +4 — and that doesn’t rhyme!

Serving the Pikes Peak region in Congress for 13 years, Lamborn has risen to the level of those few representatives who reliably deliver for constituents at home and the rest of the country. Vote for Doug Lamborn. It is a vote in favor of Space Command and Colorado’s continued run of success.

The Gazette Editorial Board

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