Policy. On that basis alone, undecided Coloradans should cast their vote for President Donald Trump.

Oh, we get it. Trump’s personality and character traits nauseate a significant segment of voters from the far left, through the middle and to the far right. Colorado’s mostly white-collar population finds no charm in Trump’s brazen, crude and unconventional demeanor (see Winston Churchill).

Yet, never has a presidential candidate’s persona been less relevant. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, as shown in the first presidential debate and throughout a lifelong political career, offers no improvement in terms of personality and character.

The internet provides an alarming volume of footage that shows Biden touching women and girls inappropriately. He insults women and body shames American men he deems “fat” and “old.”

At least eight women have formally accused Biden of invading their personal space and/or touching them inappropriately and making them feel uncomfortable. Among them is former employee Tara Reade, who claims Biden forcibly raped her. Though her claim sounds plausible, this falls short of a proven claim.

An increasing body of simple, tangible, in-writing evidence suggests then-Vice President Biden used his son, Hunter, to broker access to the White House in return for personal enrichment. The jury’s out, but the case gets stronger by the day.

Biden has a long history of racist statements and behavior so egregious he has Trump gaining support from Black men at a rate unprecedented for any contemporary Republican.

During 47 years in Congress, Biden allied with some of the country’s more notorious segregationists, including former Sen. and Ku Klux Klan Grand Cyclops Robert K. Byrd of West Virginia — a man he considered a mentor and friend. Biden told us former President Barack Obama was the “first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” One needs a “slight Indian accent” to shop at 7-Eleven. “You ain’t Black” if you don’t support him, and on and on it goes.

For those reasons and more, personality and character should be off the table. On policy, Trump and Biden could not be more distinct:

• Energy. Biden would “phase out” oil and gas, devastating Colorado’s economy. In the likely event he caves to running mate Kamala Harris, AOC+3 and much of the rest of his party, Biden will kill conventional energy sooner than he claims and impose the Green New Deal at an unfathomable cost. Trump, by stark contrast, defends the very real need for energy independence that requires the freedom to produce oil and gas, wind turbines, solar arrays and anything else that powers industry, commerce and homes without foreign oil wars and ugly alliances of the past.

• Taxes. Biden says “if you elect me, your taxes are going to be raised, not cut, if you benefited from that (the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017).” Nearly 400,000 Colorado households benefit from Trump doubling the child tax credit; every income group in Colorado benefited from the 2017 tax cut; 1.1 million Colorado households benefit from Trump’s doubling of the standard deduction; nearly 100,000 households benefit from Trump’s elimination of the Obamacare mandate tax; corporate tax breaks lowered utility bills for Colorado households and businesses. The tax cuts gave us a bull market and economic upsurge.

• Regulation. Biden will reverse a growing list of Trump’s ratchet-down deregulation measures, including those that reduced obstructions to infrastructure projects that include the widening of I-25 between Denver and Colorado Springs. Deregulation and tax cuts led to historically high pre-pandemic jobs and income numbers for Blacks, Hispanics, women and all other demographics.

• The Second Amendment. When CNN asked if a Biden administration would “come for my guns,” Biden answered: “Bingo. You’re right, if you have an assault weapon.” By “assault weapon,” Biden mostly refers to the AR-15 — the most common sporting rifle in the United States, with 8 million owners, and far down the list of weapons used in murders and other crimes. Trump pledges not to “come for” tens of thousands of guns Coloradans collect and use for hunting and sport shooting.

• COVID-19. Neither candidate can stop a microscopic airborne virus from attacking humans. If any world leader had this ability, we would not suffer from a worldwide pandemic that knows no bounds. Trump recognized the threat of COVID-19 early and shut down travel from China. Biden criticized the move and called Trump “xenophobic.”

In addition to stark policy distinctions, voters should consider Biden’s routine capitulation to the norm-smashing trends of his party’s base. Left-wing activists want to defund and eliminate the police. Biden will appease them, promising to “redirect” funds used for law enforcement.

Biden supports the left-wing movement to end-run the Constitution with a National Popular Vote that would disenfranchise small and medium states, including Colorado.

The left-wing base wants to pack the Supreme Court by increasing the traditional number of nine judges. Biden declines to oppose the idea.

This election does not present voters with another Ronald Reagan, Obama or anyone approaching a charming person of unassailable character. It presents two men of questionable character who frequently drop cringe-worthy statements.

We cannot vote for who they are, only what they will do. Biden’s promise of high taxes, oppressive regulations, gun confiscations and an assault on conventional energy would devastate Colorado and the rest of the country. Biden’s party, dominated by a radical element that despises our country, will drag him far to the left and away from any semblance of moderation.

Trump does not have that problem, always willing to reject peer pressure. Unlike Biden, he is not a career politician and Washington insider. To the contrary, the presidency is Trump’s first foray into politics.

Vote for four more years of economic growth, an expansion of freedom that benefits all and an unconventional president. Shock the world and color Colorado purple again. Give our state’s nine electoral votes to President Donald Trump.

The Gazette editorial board

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