High resolution, antique copy of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Contemplate the value of “consent.”

The most important issue on this Election Day is a ballot question that determines the future of consent throughout Colorado, as it pertains to taxation and government spending. Proposition CC is about negating consent. It moves us away from a government of, by and for the people.

Consent is what separates impoverished, corrupt, tyrannical societies from their prosperous, just and free counterparts.

Without the requirement and enforcement of consent, property rights mean nothing. The strong take from the weak and the weak have no recourse of justice.

Without laws that require and uphold consent, prosecutors cannot charge predators with sexual assault or most other crimes.

Without the requirement of consent, law enforcement can search homes and cars and persons without a warrant granted by a judge.

Consent protects the purity of all human interactions. When we dismiss with consent, even in terms of taxation, people get hurt.

Colorado law requires the government to obtain the consent of the governed in all matters related to taxation. It is called the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) and is spelled out in the Colorado Constitution. If politicians take more money from taxpayers, without asking and receiving permission, they violate the law.

It seems like common sense. Wise, well-intentioned politicians default to seeking consent because that is what constituents want. TABOR protects us from less wise, more self-interested politicians who resent that governments are created to serve the governed.

TABOR prevents politicians from changing tax policy, in any way, without obtaining consent.

Toward protecting taxpayer consent, TABOR includes a key provision that returns a portion of government windfalls that result from economic growth. The government must go to the ballot and ask taxpayers, every single time, before keeping surpluses that exceed a formula of population growth and inflation.

It is not just about keeping money in private hands. Money determines the size and scope of government, and that should be up to those who are governed. When the left is in charge, the right gives great thanks for TABOR limiting what politicians can do by fiat. When the right is in charge, the left is equally grateful for these constraints on politicians.

Today’s ballot asks voters to adulterate TABOR and eliminate consent — forever. Voters today could choose to let the state keep unlimited surpluses of cash. In doing so, they would give politicians a blank check to grow government however they see fit without ever having to ask. If voters pass Prop CC, they will elevate the political class above those it was elected to serve.

If adults pass Prop CC they will brazenly rob children and future generations the consent that helped make Colorado the most economically successful state in the union.

The government belongs to the governed, which protects people of all political persuasions. Don’t let Prop CC change this fundamental principle, enforced by the protection of consent. Vote to retain a government of, by and for the people by voting "no" on Prop CC.

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