A marijuana plant is nearly ready for harvesting at the Euflora cannabis greenhouse on Monday, Feb 28, 2022, in Denver, Colo.

Colorado saw $145.3 million in marijuana sales in February, down just under 4% from January, according to the state Department of Revenue.

This is a smaller dip compared to the 10% decrease in sales from December to January, but it’s also down 13% from the $167 million in marijuana sales Colorado saw in February 2021.

Other than last year, it’s still the second highest sales volume the state has seen in the month of February since recreational marijuana became legal in 2014.

The state’s tax and fee revenue in March went down 1% from its February revenue as well.

With the marijuana holiday on April 20 quickly approaching, though, these numbers could turn in the other direction for March and April. Historical data shows that tax and revenue collection generally declines between January and February before slightly increasing in March.

The Marijuana Industry Group, which calls itself the oldest and largest trade association for licensed cannabis businesses, said in a release that in particular, medical sales have been “plummeting as business owners and consumers grapple with ever increasing taxes and regulations. ”

“These sales figures reflect what we hear from our members every day — that small cannabis businesses are struggling to keep up with sky high taxes and regulations that make it difficult to do business in Colorado,” Tiffany Goldman, chairwoman of the Marijuana Industry Group, said in a release. “As a mother and small business owner myself, I am particularly troubled by the drop in medical sales and that we are making it increasingly difficult for Coloradans who rely on medical cannabis to access the treatment they need. We cannot overregulate the industry out of existence and deny life-saving medicine to patients.”

Medical marijuana sales took the biggest hit, down 37% from February 2021. 

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