Looking north toward Castle Rock, heavy traffic moves along Interstate 25, which is two lanes in each direction. Work to widen the “Gap” on the interstate between Monument and Castle Rock has begun.

Colorado voters aren’t in the mood to raise the state sales tax to pay for a broad swath of transportation solutions, a new poll indicates.

Only 35 percent of likely voters surveyed said they would support Proposition 110, billed by supporters as “Let’s Go, Colorado,” to increase the sales tax by 0.62 cents for state, local and alternative transportation projects, says the poll by Louisville-based Magellan Strategies.

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A counterproposal on the Nov. 6 ballot, Proposition 109, touted as “Fix Our Damn Roads,” was more popular, with 52 percent support, the survey showed.

It would order the Legislature to borrow $3.5 billion and repay it over 20 years with money in the state budget. All the money would go to roads and bridges.

Colorado at the crossroads: Transportation dollars at stake in election

Opponents of 109, primarily Democrats, argue that paying back those bonds without new revenue would rob the state of money for schools and social services when the economy cools.

Last session, lawmakers had more than $1 billion in revenue it had not projected, because of the booming state economy and federal tax cuts.

“It’s clear that Coloradans prefer specific highway projects without a tax increase to a 21 percent tax increase for mystery projects,” said Jon Caldara, president of the libertarian-leaning Independence Institute, which is backing 109.

Of those polled, 35 percent said they were Republicans, 33 percent identified as Democrats and 32 percent were unaffiliated.

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