Gov. Jared Polis

Just over a week after the national eviction moratorium ended, Gov. Jared Polis plans to give some struggling Colorado renters extra time to catch up on their rent payments, said Conor Cahill, Polis' press secretary.

Polis will extend the order on Saturday, which applies only to tenants who are waiting for the state's emergency rental assistance program to make a payment. The order requires landlords to give these renters 30 days notice, instead of 10, before filing an eviction action in court. 

"This directive provides assistance to Colorado residential tenants at risk for eviction while State and federal funds are distributed," a previous order read.

The current order is set to expire on Sunday after being extended on Aug. 6.

The state's program offers tenants who haven't been able to pay rent due to financial struggles caused by COVID-19 up to 15 months in past due and future rent payments.  

Earlier in the day Friday, Melissa Thate, Denver's Department of Housing and Stability director, said her department was hoping for this.

"We're really hoping that this executive order can be extended (because) ideally it's the best way to prevent evictions across the state," Thate said. 

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