Gov. Jared Polis will attend the signing of a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill at the White House on Monday, adding to the group of bipartisan lawmakers set to be present at President Joe Biden’s ceremony.

Polis announced his attendance Sunday, saying he was one of the first governors to support the federal infrastructure framework. The bill was negotiated by 22 senators — 11 from each major party. It passed the Senate with 19 Republican votes and passed the House with 13 Republican votes.

“This important action means jobs and better roads along with a strong initial package to improve air quality and make progress on climate issues,” Polis said. “Colorado’s bipartisan infrastructure investment positions us well to benefit from new federal money from the federal bipartisan infrastructure law.”

The bill will fund $550 billion in new federal infrastructure investments over five years, including bridges, roads, broadband, water and energy systems. Tens of billions of dollars will be spent in Colorado alone, state officials have said.

In an appearance on “Face the Nation” Sunday morning, Polis said Colorado has been ready to start some of the bill-funded projects for several months. He said the projects will connect the state’s urban and rural communities through road expansions and electric vehicle infrastructure.

"We're ready to go now,” Polis said. "We in Colorado passed a bipartisan infrastructure package through our own legislature to complement what we were expecting out of the federal government. … We have projects underway, including expansions of Highway 70, an additional lane each way around Floyd Hill to better access our high country and ski resorts.”

The White House said in a release that guests invited to witness the bill signing include leaders who fought for its passage across the country. U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper, D-Colo., will also be present at the ceremony.

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