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Citing survey data and student conversations show a rise in use of marijuana and vaping by young people, the Woodland Park School District is holding an informational presentation and discussion for adults to better understand its effects on minors and how to help young people navigate tough situations surrounding use of these products. 

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The Woodland Park School District is being proactive when it comes to minors’ use of marijuana and vaping. Looking to survey data and student conversations which show a rise in young people’s experimenting with or using these products, the district is working to educate the community on the effects of these substances and offer adults tools to help navigate students through tough situations.

The district invites all adults who interact with community youth to attend an informational session on the impacts of vaping and marijuana use in young people. The presentation and discussion facilitated by Sarah Grippa from the Marijuana Education Initiative is scheduled for Monday at the Woodland Park Middle School commons, 600 East Kelley’s Road in Woodland Park.

A free dinner catered by the Woodland Park High School Pro-Start team will be held from 5:30 to 6 p.m. A presentation and community dialogue will be held from 6-8 p.m. Free child care for children and adolescents will be available.

The presentation and discussion will focus on helping “educators, parents and community members better understand adolescents’ concept of marijuana use and vaping, as well as the impacts this use has on our youth,” a statement issued by the Woodland Park School District reads.

Strategies for how adults can engage in conversation with children and students about marijuana usage and vaping will also be discussed.

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