The third time might be a charm for a 20-acre property owned by Dave Garretson in the Shining Mountain Planned Unit Development west of the Reserve at Tamarac.

The development was formed in 1993 after 468 acres of land on both sides of Highway 67 were annexed by the city in 1992. The 428 acres on the west side of the highway are in development and one lot on the east side of the highway is now the home of Impact Church. Two previous attempts to develop the other east-side lot were unsuccessful.

Jim Houk, president of Thomas & Thomas, a Colorado Springs planning and landscaping firm, presented a new plan to the Woodland Park Planning Commission on June 13. The plan calls for the construction of 26 single-family homes. The PUD allows for up to two units per acre but this development has only 1.26 units per acre.

Each lot will average 21,000 square feet. Access to the property will be off of Fairfield and Sourdough Road, north of the Centennial Trailhead. No unattached garages or accessory buildings will be allowed on the lots and homes bordering Highway 67 and the trail will have a 30-foot preservation buffer on top of 25-foot rear-yard setbacks.

John Yarger, a resident of the Kendora Pines subdivision, had questions about drainage, property values and water availability.

City Planner Lor Pellegrino said the property is not in a flood plain and the plan takes into account all drainage into and out of the property. Property values will likely go up as the vacant land is developed and water service is available but is not guaranteed if development is delayed, Pellegrino said.

“We’re purchasing new water rights as fast as we can,” said Planning Director Sally Riley.

Funding for a traffic signal at Kelley’s Road and Stoneridge, has been approved and installation will begin soon. The city is competing for funds to widen the highway in two places and to install turn lanes.

With the commission’s unanimous recommendation of approval, this case proposal moves on to city council for a final decision. The next planning commission meeting will be June 26.

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