A split amongst members of the Downtown Development Authority came to light when board chairman Merry Jo Larsen asked Kellie Case to resign as the city’s liaison.

Case, a member of the Woodland Park City Council, attends DDA meetings and offers opinions on various proposals. Often, her opinions differ from those of some of the board members. Her role as the liaison is to protect the city’s interests and to keep the DDA board on target.

Larsen made the request at the regular monthly meeting Aug. 6.

According to DDA board member Ellen Carrick, the request was not unanimous. “I’m just surprised,” Carrick said.

After the meeting, Carrick and DDA board member Al Born shared a hug and conversation with Case.

Case was gracious in accepting the decision. “I’m happy to resign if that’s the way the board feels,” Case said. “My intentions are absolutely what’s best for this community.”

In seeking Case’s resignation, Larsen requested that Noel Sawyer be appointed to the position. Sawyer, who was in the audience, agreed and Case expressed support for the city councilor.

Case asked one question. “Was this a board decision or a subset of the board?” she said.

Larsen replied, “It was just all the evidence in situations.”

Recently, Case voted against the DDA’s motion to spend $9,000 on the stagecoach to be transported from Denver to Woodland Station. “I don’t think the funds are available,” she said at the time. “I’m a conservative person.”

Nonetheless, the stagecoach is now on Lot 2 in Woodland Station as a tourist attraction.

After the meeting, Case commented on her public dismissal. “It has been my honor to serve the citizens of Woodland Park as the city council liaison to the DDA board of directors. I shall await the council’s direction and desires as the member that serves in that role is ultimately up to them,” she said.

Mayor Neil Levy said, “I appreciate Kellie’s approach that she wants what’s best for the community as a reason to get some things done. Kellie is a fiscal conservative.”

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