Most of the Jan. 3 Woodland Park City Council meeting was taken up by appointments. Eleven people were appointed or reappointed to serve on two city committees, two boards and the Woodland Park Planning Commission.

• Board of Review alternate Jim Olsen was appointed to a 3-year term as a regular member. Jeff Smith and Matt Cockroft were appointed as alternates.

• Board of Adjustment alternate Kerry Kilgore was appointed to a 3-year term as a regular member. Jerry Smith is the new alternate.

• Susan Branham was appointed to serve an unlimited term on the Keep Woodland Park Beautiful working committee.

• Planning Commissioners Ken Hartsfield, Ellen Carrick and Lee Brown were reappointed to 3-year terms on the Woodland Park Planning Commission.

• Larry Black was reappointed to a 2-year term on the Historic Preservation Committee along with a new member. Jim Unruh.

All appointees in attendance were sworn in en masse by City Clerk Suzanne Leclercq.

Leclercq also administered the oath of office to a new assistant municipal judge. Municipal Court Clerk Carla Collins introduced Sarah Christensen who was appointed as a back-up to Municipal Judge Elizabeth McClintock.

Interviews for a new city attorney were set to start on Jan. 8.

Council approved the Highlands in Paradise final plat. The 7-acre, nine-lot subdivision, which is part of the Top of Paradise Master Plan, will be located on a private road that extends 400 feet past Majestic Parkway.

There were a few objections to the concept of a private road and the possibility that it could become a gated community. Deborah Frost, who lives on Majestic, said the new subdivision will lack a “friendliness factor” and that a nine-house Homeowners Association is not sustainable.

She added that if they gate it and fence it, the subdivision will resemble a “giant dog run.”

Another Majestic Parkway neighbor, Claudia Miller, voiced similar opinions. She was pleased, however, with developer Mark McNab’s plan to borrow one of the city’s electronic speed signs and setting 20 mph speed limits for construction traffic.

McNab said construction on Highlands in Paradise should be completed in about 18 months but construction on the 22 lots along Locklin Way will probably take about three years.

He said the chance of this becoming a gated community is less than 5 percent.

Council approved the serving of beer to players in the warming hut during Meadow Wood Sports Complex hockey tournaments sponsored by the Woodland Park Hockey Association.

Council also approved a liquor license to sell full-strength beer at the Valero Gas Station downtown on U.S. 24. The original license was for “fermented malt beverages” with a 3.2 percent alcohol content but state beer laws changed on Jan. 1.

The new law allows grocery stores, convenience stores and other places with 3.2 percent beer licenses to now sell full-strength beer if owners so desire. The selling of 3.2 beer in these venues was said to be a hold-over from Prohibition.

Council gave consensus to an amended format for Critical Incident Reports as presented by City Manager Darrin Tangeman. The report sets nine criteria for what city staff should report to city council. At the suggestion of Councilwoman Carrol Harvey, “active shooter in a city facility” was changed to “active shooter in any facility in the city.”

Tangeman is also working on making department reports more informative and inclusive.

City Treasurer Mike Farina has posted the city’s 2018, third-quarter financial report on the city website:

A Citizen Academy is being planned to run weekly from Feb. 13 though April 3 with a week off for spring break. Each class will cover a different topic on how the city works, starting with “Local Government 101.” The classes are limited to people age 18 and older but is not limited to city residents.

Police Chief Miles DeYoung gave a short briefing on the investigation into the disappearance and presumed death of 29-year-old Kelsey Berreth, who was last seen on Dec. 22.

As this is an on-going investigation, he couldn’t say much. He did remind people that Berreth’s fiancé, Patrick Frazee, who was arrested and charged with murder, is innocent until proven guilty.

He said he has received information requests from at least 68 media outlets including one from the United Kingdom. All such inquiries are being referred to the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Public Information Officer.

DeYoung thanked all the various state and federal agencies helping the Woodland Park Police Department investigate this case, both in Colorado and in Idaho. It has been more than 10 years since the last time local law enforcement investigated a homicide.

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