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Jim Pfaff

Hours after the midnight close of the Woodland Park City Council meeting April 15, councilor Jim Pfaff resigned his position.

Pfaff was part of a voting faction on the council that failed to agree on much of anything.

For the past year, most votes before council have ended in a 3-3 tie, leaving unfilled positions on volunteer boards as well as vacancies on the council.

In fact, at the April 15 meeting, the council failed to appoint a mayor to replace the late Val Carr. Five candidates applied.

In a video released on his Jim Pfaff City Council - Woodland Park Facebook page and sent to members of the council announcing his resignation, Pfaff took parting shots at people who were part of the recall committee and who publicly asked for his resignation. He called them scoundrels and liars, particularly targeting former city manager David Buttery and Tony Perry, who led the recall committee, Woodland Park Concerned Citizens.

Among the group's stated concerns was that Pfaff, when a candidate for council, fudged the length of his residency in Woodland Park by more than a month. Candidates are required to have lived in the city for a year.

However, in the video, Pfaff did reserve compliments for some on the council, including Kellie Case, Stephanie Alfieri and Robert Zuluaga. 

Two members of the recall committee expressed relief at Pfaff’s announcement.

“This outcome was inevitable. We are thankful that our neighbors were paying attention and expressing concerns which led to Mr. Pfaff’s exposure. His political talking points were not the issue. His Machiavellian approach, lack of integrity and disingenuousness are what force him to be a political nomad," Perry said.

"Now we need to hire a city manager, stop ignoring highly qualified persons for our volunteer boards, find a replacement for our retiring Planning Director and address the waste of resources that is the DDA.”

Former Mayor pro tem and city councilor Carrol Harvey was also part of the recall committee. “My initial take on the resignation of Jim Pfaff is simply ‘thank goodness.’ But it was actually inevitable. When confidence (con) men are exposed, the generally move on to a new mark. And, I think that is what Jim Pfaff will do."

She continued in a written statement, "Pfaff convinced voters he was a resident of this community with high ideals and a vision for change. But his message of change was never defined. He simply attacked individual members of the community assuming he knew of some past transgression these men had committed."

Harvey noted that despite Pfaff's statement in his Facebook video that his reason for resigning was based on a need to devote more time to a business venture, "I believe he knew his gig was up in Woodland Park."

In a letter to the council, Pfaff was gracious: “I have been honored to serve on this council. And I want to wish everyone the very best. I say so in the video below which I just posted on Facebook. My current effort to roll up my business has placed demands on me which are very challenging at the moment, and Myra and I decided it would be best for me to focus on them for now. This has been something we've considered for some some months now.”

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