Teller County senior citizens Woodland Aquatic Center
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Teller County senior citizens are among the residents who enjoy exercising at the Woodland Aquatic Center. Seniors are special guests at the Seniors See and Splash Dec. 14.

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When more than 100 senior citizens launched the first annual See and Splash event last year, their presence sealed the deal that Woodland Aquatic Center has far-reaching benefits for senior health.

“About 45 of them got in the pool,” said Paula Levy, founder of DayBreak — an Adult Day Program and member of the Golden Bridge Network.

Confident of success, the network and Cord Prettyman’s Absolute Workout are again funding the event Dec. 14 that includes free swimming for anyone over 60 and a meet-and-greet between 2 and 3 p.m. with the new city manager Darrin Tangeman.

And everybody who wants one can get a ride to the event — from Cripple Creek, the city’s transportation service, under the direction of Ted Schweitzer, offers a free shuttle to the event and back. In Woodland park, the Teller Senior Coalition provides free shuttle from home or from the parking lot at Joanie’s Deli to the center and back.

For those who are reluctant to get into the pool, the invitation is open to come and enjoy the camaraderie and tour the facility. “And we’ll have giveaways — Golden Bridge is going to have a nice gift basket,” Levy said.

The Seniors See and Splash offers an opportunity for the senior population to get into the groove of swimming. For statistics show that successful aquatic centers around the nation receive strong support from the senior community, Prettyman said.

“The pool needs the seniors in the community and the seniors need the pool,” he said.

“For those over 60 there is no better place to exercise that is safer and offers more benefits than the Woodland Aquatic Center.”

The benefits of swimming include cardiovascular, the reduction of joint pain, relief from autoimmune disorders or weakening muscles due to aging, Prettyman added.

Seniors See and Splash is from 2 to 5 p.m. Dec. 14 at the Woodland Aquatic Center. For reservations on the TSC shuttle, call 687-0256 or 689-7711 for the Cripple Creek shuttle.

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