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Dani Black, Woodland Park

I would like to suggest the topic of off-leash dogs in public parks and on hiking trails.

It’s a common issue in Woodland Park, and my understanding is that our city ordinance calls for off-leash dogs to be within 10 feet of the owner at all times and immediately responsive to voice commands. While many of the dogs do seem to be responsive to voice commands, I’d estimate that 0% of the off-leash dogs I see stay within 10 feet of their owners.

I could write an entire essay on this topic and the reasons why I feel this practice is unsafe and extremely inconsiderate, but I’ll spare you. I would, however, love to get a better understanding of the mindset behind the off-leash habits of some dog owners.

I think this understanding will help keep my blood pressure down when I’m trying to enjoy a lovely game of catch/tag/frisbee/etc. with my children only to have everything cut short by someone’s dog running wild on the only patch of grass at the park.

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