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Victor Matthews III is the new administrative assistant in Green Mountain Falls. Pictured here at Town Hall, he recently initiated a Facebook page: Summer of Good Neighbors.

As the father is a culinary legend who opened the former Black Bear Restaurant and Black Bear Distillery in Green Mountain Falls, the son makes his public debut this season as a technology guru with a social bent.

Hired as the administrative assistant to the Green Mountain Falls Town Manager Angie Sprang, Victor Matthews III has established a social connection through the Facebook page he started, Summer of Good Neighbors.

“All these super cool, kind, compassionate moments that happen in a town, I’m recording them, making them more available for everyone,” he said.

As word spreads about the page, Matthews has launched a neighborhood buzz. “I want everyone to send me everything they’ve got, pictures, stories, all of it,” he said. “I’m doing my best to capture the stories but I’m sure there’s so much more going on.”

Last week, the star post was the Green Box pyrotechnic, faux fireworks, on the 4th of July at Gazebo Lake. “The party was so well-managed; everybody was wearing masks and trying to be socially distant,” he said.

In essence, Matthews’ project is the 21st century talking-over-the-fence-post gathering where people learn about what’s going on in the neighborhood.

The project was a bonus for the town as Matthews was hired to update the town’s website, colorado.gov/greenmountainfalls.

For Matthews, a position in the town government in his hometown represents a return to his roots. “I grew up here, playing in the park, the lake, the creek, went to Ute Pass Elementary — Go Ponies!,” he said. “I have years and years of memories here; this will always be my home.”

In 2018, Matthews graduated with a degree in communications from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Last year, he traveled to Vietnam and Myanmar with a group of friends, including his future wife, Eva.

“We spent a lot of time in Yangon where I was a preschool teacher for little Kachin kids — that was super, so much fun,” he said.

Dedicated to seeing the world, starting with Asia, Matthews is thinking ahead.

“I’m not 100% sure I want a career in politics but I think one of the areas where our country needs help the most is leadership,” he said. “Which is one reason I travel so much. Having a healthy world view and an understanding of other cultures, I feel like it’s very important for politics, especially when it comes to the big leaders that everyone sees.”

In the meantime, he is at the Green Mountain Falls Town Hall four days a week.

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