WOODLAND PARK • Ideas for design spring from a stroll through Vicki’s Country Creations in Woodland Square downtown. With her creative touch, Vicki Rose has added another element to the city’s shopping experience.

The shop is divided into decorative themes for rooms in the home. “I do scenes,” she said.

For a farmhouse, including the kitchen, Rose creates a mood with bright colors and a decorative chicken or two. “I call it ‘Shabby Chic,’” she said.

Decorative baskets, lanterns, picture frames and wreaths, each crafted by Vicki, lend an artistic ambience to the shop while offering ideas for sprucing up the home, especially now that spring is here. “For every décor you would have — we have something for everybody,” she said.

Vicki runs the business with her husband, Dan Rose. Recently, the couple expanded the store into the adjacent space formerly occupied by Jackalope. The new room is reserved for furniture and western-style decorative pieces that reflect a county/lodge theme.

For the Roses, the brick-and-mortar shop is their first after 38 years of a semi-itinerant lifestyle. While the couple had a home in Pennsylvania, they sold their wares in festivals around the nation. “We’ve been in so many states it’s not funny,” Dan Rose said. “Over the years we built up a good clientele.”

Despite the packing and unpacking, the couple thrived on traveling and doing business together. “We have a lot of good friends from all over and they’re still our friends,” Vicki said. “In the fall, it gets real busy but we handle it because we’re used to it,” he said, as Vicki adds, “We just like to work.”

If there’s a secret to successful merchandising, the Roses seem to have found it. “If all you sell is clocks and they don’t want clocks, you’re sunk,” he said.

Last year when the nation and the world shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Roses did an entrepreneurial pivot from setting up shop in the nation’s festival to a settling down in Woodland Park. “We love it,” she said.

Vicki’s Country Creations is open at 110 W. Midland Ave. from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

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