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Election judge Karin Bugatti made sure that door handles stayed sanitized for those coming to vote early in person on Oct. 20 in Woodland Park. 

Editor's note: This article has been updated with official Nov. 3 election results from the Teller County Clerk and Recorder. The official results were released Nov. 20.

Teller County voters shattered previous records when nearly 89% of registered voters turned in their ballots for the 2020 election.

“Teller County was awesome, my staff fabulous,” said clerk & recorder Krystal Brown, reporting to the Teller County commissioners Nov. 12. “And we appreciate the work of the election judges.”

Of 17,077 ballots returned, 1,540 people voted in person, and 600 used the touchscreens at the voting centers.

A report by county administrator Sheryl Decker tempered the good news about voting turnout. Since March, 361 residents have been diagnosed with COVID-19, 126 of them in the first two weeks of November.

With 226 cases since March, Woodland Park leads the statistics with 63% of all cases in the county.

In Cripple Creek, the number of cases is 16, in Divide, 57, Florissant, 54, and 8 in Victor. “Twenty-nine people with COVID have been hospitalized since Oct. 31, with one remaining in the hospital,” Decker said.

Commission chairman Marc Dettenrieder urged citizens to be cautious after Teller County Public Health changed the status from blue to yellow, with new restrictions on social gatherings.

“The big driver of this is to keep businesses open,” he said. “I implore all of us to do the right thing and get these numbers going in a better direction.”

In other business, Teller County Planning Official Dan Williams appeared before the commissioners for the last time in the position of planner. Before presenting the county’s updated growth management plan, Williams was emotional in bidding farewell. He will return in January as a new commissioner, elected to replace the term-limited Dettenrieder.

And, after about two hours of discussion, the commissioners delayed the adoption of the management plan, after Pete Kuyper, a Divide developer, objected to several parts of the plan.

The commissioners tabled the decision until the meeting Dec. 17.

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