An Idaho nurse who says Patrick Frazee personally confessed to killing Kelsey Berreth took the stand Wednesday as the key witness against her longtime lover.

Krystal Lee — who said she no longer goes by her former married name of Kenney — was scheduled to be back on the stand Wednesday afternoon at his nationally watched trial.

In testimony before the lunch break, Lee tearfully described an on-again, off-again relationship with Frazee going back to 2006, when she said she fell for him at a dance in Lake George, a mountainous ranching community west of Colorado Springs.

"He was tall and handsome and we danced and seemed from the conversation that we had he was pretty admirable, and had his act together and seemed like a pretty good dude," said Lee.

They broke up in 2007 but started an affair in 2015 after she hit a rough patch in her marriage with a different man, she said.

In testimony Wednesday afternoon, she is likely to address allegations related to Berreth, who went missing on Thanksgiving Day 2018, over several hours of questions and answers.

Prosecutors say Lee cared enough for Frazee that she agreed to come to Colorado from Idaho to clean up a grisly scene inside Berreth’s Woodland Park town house, where authorities say Frazee beat her to death with a baseball bat before joining his family for a holiday meal.

As the key witness against Frazee, she is expected to address how he allegedly asked her three times to kill Berreth, claiming she was an abusive mother, and how she agreed — allegedly under pressure by Frazee — to clean up.

Cellphone records show that Frazee’s phone made a call to Lee about 4:30 p.m. on the day of the alleged murder, as authorities say he was leaving Berreth’s townhouse after the killing.

Those records show that Lee was in Idaho on Thanksgiving and that she left for Colorado the next day, on Nov. 23, 2018. She arrived in Colorado on Nov. 24 and stayed less than a day before returning to Idaho, witnesses say.

During her morning testimony, Lee wept and at times became inaudible as she described her feelings for Frazee and her previous marriage.

She didn’t look at Frazee, staring straight ahead and giving terse answers. Meanwhile, Frazee jotted notes throughout, sitting back in a chair at the defense table wearing a white striped button-up shirt open at the collar.

She described a moment after their first breakup where he threatened to drive up and kill a dog that she had gotten from him, telling her that the previous owner was demanding the dog back unless he paid for it.

When she and Frazee dated, she traveled from Idaho to Colorado to visit him 10 times.

In 2015, her correspondence with Frazee reignited passions.

"I began thinking I made the wrong choice" by getting married, Lee said. When she met him again in Colorado, "it was like nothing had changed — same giddy feeling."

After they began an affair, Frazee urged her to get a divorce.

In March 2016, Lee became pregnant with Frazee’s child. He did not react happily to the news, Lee said, and "he said I guess you're a baby killer or you're not."

Lee had an abortion, and told Frazee it was a miscarriage. Lee filed for divorce two months later.

 Prosecutors on Wednesday also introduced cellphone records showing that Frazee spent hours with Kelsey Berreth — or at least her phone — on Thanksgiving Day, further rebutting the Florissant rancher’s initial claims about his movements that day.

He told authorities that he briefly saw Berreth just once on Thanksgiving, to retrieve their child from her at her Woodland Park townhouse, and that he left at noon.

Surveillance footage and cell phone records suggest they were together between roughly 12:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., when he left her town house with the baby.

She hasn’t been seen since a neighbor’s surveillance camera recorded her entering her home with Frazee and their child that day.

Frazee’s defense has said that the case against him is based on a “tale” told by Lee to avoid jail time after she attracted scrutiny for her role in Berreth’s death. They say Frazee had nothing to do with the killing.

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