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Build the wall

I am in favor of building a wall along our southern border. I am not a racist, a xenophobe, and don’t comfortably fit within any of the personality silhouettes the liberal media has so joyously defined and applied to me. I am simply a patriot who loves my family and my country. I work hard, pay my taxes, obey our laws, and support our constitution. I am an American.

A wall is an physical barrier that enables our border patrol to more easily execute the job responsibilities we have assigned to them while reducing the risk incumbent with the job. A wall provides an anchor point for the implementation of all of the technical solutions that are both proposed and available. The symbolism of the wall should be determined by its functionality. A means to control unlawful access, drug trafficking, and encourage subscription to our defined processes governing legal immigration.

If your country is broken, try to fix it. Have your political leaders ask for our help. We more frequently than not respond favorably to humanitarian requests. We are a more than generous country and far more generous than most. If you want to come to our country go ahead and get in line, fill out the paperwork, and accept the result. If you seek justice you must abide by the decisions of our judicial system. Wait for a key as opposed to breaking and entering.

Don’t build the wall

I am not in favor of building a wall along our southern border. I am not a socialist, bleeding heart liberal nor subscribe to any of the labels applied by the talking heads of Fox News. I am simply a patriot who loves my family and my country. I work hard, pay my taxes, obey our laws and support our constitution. I am an American.

A wall stokes the fear of the unknown that lies on the other side. The “others” become suspect and opportunities for understanding become slim. The difference between isolationism and reasonable security become muddled until they are interchangeable. Us vs. them becomes the norm. Each and every human being on the face of the earth is deserving of the dignity they are blessed with at birth. This is a right of humanity and not restricted by national borders. Those on one side of the border are equally deserving as those on the other.

I remember growing up with the awareness of the foreboding atmosphere of the Berlin Wall and the depressing, gray-fogged municipality of East Berlin that existed on the other side. An existence of chosen isolationism and a breeding ground where fear and suspicion took root and flourished. We can’t allow this to happen here. We are simply better than that. We don’t choose to hide behind a wall. We hold our torch of welcome and freedom high for all the world to see.

Fred Gustafson



This is a plea for you to do the right thing by asking your friend and political supporter Mickey Bates to remove from public view the campaign sign erected on the frontage of Mickey’s 49 acres of Ag land along Highway 24 just east of the old Crescent Ranch, which is still standing today.

The Teller County ordinance that governs campaign signs is Chapter 5, Section 5.8 D (1) (l), which requires campaign sings to be removed 10 days after the election date.

Depending on when this letter gets published, your campaign sign is still standing more than 140 days after the Nov. 6 election.

You are no doubt a good guy, Sheriff, perhaps Mr. Bates is, too, but the sign has become an eyesore and doesn’t say much for your selective local enforcement policies.

I trust if a Democrat had miraculously been elected sheriff, Teller County code enforcement would have had the Dem’s sign down in a New York minute! But then we all know Democrats do not run for local offices here in Teller County.

Mike Winters



Recently I had the opportunity to visit our local court system. I think every voter should visit once a year to assess how justice is meted out in the community where they live.

The case I observed was a petition to terminate the parent-child legal relationship pursuant to C. R. S. 19-5-101. What surprised me was that the mother had no legal representation for such a momentous case, severing the legal rights of the biological mother from her child.

Her ex-husband was joined by two attorneys and his new wife, who was seeking to adopt the child if the termination was approved by the judge. This was four against one.

As the hearing unfolded, the woman was asked by the judge to question her ex-husband about his testimony. The judge said she could not make a declarative statement, only ask questions of her ex-husband. Soon she became frustrated, threw up her hands, and became silent.

Her next opportunity to speak came during closing arguments. At this point, she pleaded for the opportunity to visit her child periodically to maintain their relationship.

As the judge read his verdict to terminate, the mother began to sob. The ex-husband’s lead attorney continued to converse with the judge about the next court appearance to enable the new wife to adopt the child.

When I made inquiries after the trial about why the mother had no legal representation, I was advised that the elected officials of Colorado do not provide a public defender for civil cases. They only provide a lawyer for criminal cases.

Surely, the elected senators and representatives of this state can amend the law to provide a public defender for a criminal case to provide a public defender for a civil case, at least for one of this import. I pray that they will have the compassion and empathy to do so during this legislative session.

Ed Biersmith



Editor’s note: This letter is in response to David K. Johnson’s March 13 letter titled “President’s accomplishments ‘trump’ previous leader.”

I must respond yet again to someone who seems to hate non-Republicans. Mr. Johnson stated that Obama was a do-nothing bum. Wrong.

Obama gave Americans what healthcare he could, even though the GOP tried to stop him. He had Iran backing out of their nuclear program. Then, in the name of “compromise,” he began surrendering to the Republicans every time one said “boo!” He almost gave your Social Security to the oligarchs of Wall Street. He did keep big corporations from firing Americans, for a while.

Now, let’s see how Trump’s accomplishments better the guy who tried to be everybody’s president. Regulations that protect your air and water were cut. Regulations that kept your workplace safe were cut. The internet became privatized, limiting future access. Iran is free to build nuclear bombs. Your Medicare will be cut to pay for the wall Mexico was supposed to pay for. He ignores any laws that do not suit him, even the Constitution itself. Examples: emoluments, Mar a Lago.

He supports those who are not our allies, like Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud and Vladimir Putin. He ignores U.S. intelligence because MbS and Putin are his friends. The tax cuts, well, they went to the top 1 percent and the big corporations. GM is now closing factories and putting Americans out of work. He has made it very known that he hates Democrats, anyone who isn’t loyal to him and everyone from the southern continent. He is divisive, and that is not presidential.

You’re right about who did more, Mr. Johnson, but Obama didn’t have your permission to hold that office. He isn’t a Republican. This is a nation of many more people than self-centered oligarchs. We are a nation of immigrants and refugees. Also, a nation of laws even Trump should obey.

Doug Harvey

Woodland Park

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