Kayo Armentrout owns one grateful cow as crews from Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District recently helped him lift the cow out of the mud.

Every day is different for the crews at Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District. Good sports about being neighborly, three firefighters recently came to the rescue of a cow stuck in the mud.

Responding to a plea for help from Kayo Armentrout, a Woodland Park rancher, the firefighters helped free the cow.

“The cow was buried deep and was obviously worn out,” said Capt. Rob Dungan who, with firefighter/engineer Josh Summeril and firefighter Don Baysinger, rode to the rescue.

While Armentrout brought a crane and backhoe to move dirt from the site, the NETCO crews provided the towing straps to lift the cow out of the mudhole. “We provided support,” Dungan said.

For Armentrout, the operation is worthy of public notice. “I just want the guys to be recognized,” Armentrout said.

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