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Jayson Baker and Kathryn Perry, president and chief executive officer, respectively, of Peak Internet. The company was just named one of 5,000 fastest-growing companies in America. Photo by Pat Hill

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Named by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in America, Peak Internet is a $3 million business based in Woodland Park.

Founded by Jayson Baker in 2002, Peak Internet has more than 3,500 customers throughout Teller and El Paso counties and some in Denver.

Last week, Baker announced that he’d hired Kathryn Perry to assume the role of chief executive officer while he would serve as the president. “That frees me up to be more of the visionary, to look toward the future and plan where we’re going to go,” he said.

Perry comes to Peak Internet after 10 years as the CEO of Choices, a nonprofit that helps young people with unplanned pregnancies, along with offering parenting classes and a baby boutique.

For Baker, whose company has donated thousands of dollars to Choices over the years, the new position fits. “Choices has been one of the most well-run nonprofits I’ve ever worked with,” he said. “I feel that’s due to Kathryn’s leadership. Bringing Kathryn on board here is going to be tremendous.”

With Perry as CEO, Baker said he intends to focus on expanding and improving the company’s services. “Our plan is to extend fiber throughout the county and continue to expand our wireless network, with LTE, Long Term Evolution, connection,” he said.

With 41 towers in Teller County, Peak Internet has an eye on building capability to serve 95 percent of the county. “The LTE doesn’t require line-of-sight connection,” he said. “We’re now deploying the same connection that’s on your phone.”

For Perry, the time is right to hand over the role of Choices CEO to Teresa Diamond. “I would not have left unless I was confident that new leadership would sustain what we built and bring fresh life to the mission,” Perry said. “I’m excited by the challenge presented by Peak Internet and honored at given the chance to join the team.”

Perry joins the company after another high point for Peak Internet — the recognition by Inc. magazine as 3,584th of 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the nation.

With the addition of Perry, the company has 26 employees, each of whom receives full benefits along with the annual salary. Clients include the city of Woodland Park, the school district, El Paso/Teller 911 Authority and a number of national brand franchises, along with residential service.

As technology adds higher speeds for internet users, Baker’s company keeps pace. “There have been discussions of turning cities around the nation into ‘gigabit cities,’” he said. “Essentially, that means that residents and businesses have one gigabit per second available.”

Peak Internet raises the stakes. “We are now installing 10 gigabit-per second-internet connection to businesses and residents in Woodland Park,” Baker said. “It’s the fastest internet connection you can buy.”

For the past four years, Peak Internet has received national recognition and was named one of Colorado Companies to Watch in 2014.

Pikes Peak Courier Reporter

Pikes Peak Courier Reporter

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