An infusion of retail energy in Woodland Park, the new tea room/gift shop is an explosion of themes. From handbags, jewelry, scarves and clothing to gifts, art and books, Colorado Hidden Treasures offers shoppers a source of literary inspiration with a chalk board.

“This store cam from a vision I had five years ago but which I had put on the shelf,” said Jona Clemmings who, with her husband, Mark, opened the shop in the Safeway plaza. “But, at the beginning of the year, it came bubbling out.”

The couple moved to Woodland Park last year from their home in England to attend Charis Bible College. But the vision proved to be overwhelming.

With the tea room, enhanced with the variety of options, the couple shares their roots to bring a touch of England to the mountains.

In only a short time, the shop has become a gathering place for writers and artists, whose works are displayed in a gallery setting and are available for purchase.

“I’ve never been anywhere — ever — where there are so many creative people,” Jona said. “The vision was all about bringing out the gifts and talents of others.”

As a result, the Cummings reserved a spot for workshops, including a class on creative writing. “Whether you make things or just play instruments, it’s all about the gifts you have,” she said.

Along with the inventory, the décor and ambiance reflect the design strengths of the owners, who have completely redone the store’s interior with accents like wood paneling.

And the small area between the shop and the tea room, with a couch, chairs and Christian-themed paintings, the shop has become a gathering place. “Local people have been very supportive,” Mark Clemmings said.

The shop is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and offers free WiFi.

Pikes Peak Courier Reporter

Pikes Peak Courier Reporter

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