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Was not speeding!

I was driving home Nov. 9 at 4:30 p.m. from the light at the top of Ute Pass (North Pole/Pikes Peak Drive) toward Woodland Park, driving at approximately 55 mph when I noticed a State Patrol car jumping around lanes behind me. I checked to verify my speed was right, in so doing I dropped to 50 mph for a few moments. The posted speed limit there was 55 mph.

So all was good, but then again it wasn’t, as this patrol car proceeded to come up beside me almost in my blind spot as I traveled. I would slow down and he would do so too; I would go back up and he would speed up. He stayed right with me. This continued all the way to just before Woodland Park. The only thing that stopped this behavior was a white van that literally pulled out in front of me making me put on my brakes to avoid hitting him, and thus so did the patrol car.

I found it odd that the patrol car didn’t pull the van over. Instead, much to my relief, the patrol car then finally went on ahead of me.

This whole thing felt very much like harassment. I wasn’t speeding or breaking any road rules. Is there some sort of advocacy group for this type of thing? I was very worried out there in the middle of nothing-land. I was just glad it wasn’t dark yet!

I ended up behind him through Woodland Park and saw him pull off in Divide at the Teller County Sheriff’s Department. I had been in a group of vehicles that all were traveling at the same speeds. We were all observing the speed limit. Some were a little faster at about 60 mph, and so they were ahead of me, and soon were out of view of me and the patrol car and the others slowed way down as if they were not wanting to be a part of whatever plans this trooper had in mind.

I felt very alone and threatened. It was a fairly long time for an officer to be following me.

Dawn Pollock, Florissant


Response to Nov. 10 McKim letter

Mr. McKim makes some absolutely astounding assertions in his letter: “When slavery ended, racism took its place and lasted another 100 years until on July 2, 1964, The Civil Rights Act prohibited discrimination…”. Mr. McKim ends his piece by stating: “The wart of racism has been removed from the face of America.” You cannot possibly be serious. If he honestly believes this, he’s suffering from a serious case of willful ignorance.

You don’t have to be a news junkie like me to see the evidence of systemic racism in our culture. It would take all of 10 minutes of research to discover this. Let’s look at some facts, shall we?

Quoting from an article published last year by Business Insider (hardly a far-left publication), citing statistics gathered by academic institutions and the federal government:

“One Harvard University study found that when Blacks and Asians ‘whitened’ their resumes — for example, used ‘American’ or ‘white’-sounding names — they got more callbacks for corporate interviews. Twenty-five percent of Black candidates received callbacks from their whitened resumes, while only 10% got calls when they left ethnic details on their resume.”

“In 2018, the average Black worker earned just 62% of what the average white worker made.”

“Overall income for Black Americans was about 42% lower than for whites in 2018.”

“While there are about six times as many white Americans as Black Americans, the aggregate wealth held by the former is about 17 times that held by the latter.”

“For every student enrolled, the average nonwhite school district receives $2,226 less than a white school district…”

“When they tried to get financing from banks, Black mortgage applicants were more likely to be denied loans than aspiring homeowners of other races.”

“FBI arrest data show that Black Americans also make up the majority of suspects arrested and charged with violent crimes such as murder and robbery, which generally carry lengthy sentences. But criminal-justice reform advocates have argued that even taking crime rates into account, Blacks Americans still experience unequal treatment in the justice system compared to their white counterparts.”

“… in 2010, Black people were 3.31 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than white people, and over the years the rate ticked up to 3.64 in 2018.”

“As of June 12, 2,469 white people had been fatally shot since 2015 at rate of 13 per million, whereas 1,293 Black people were fatally shot at a rate of 31 per million.”

I could go on; these examples are merely the tips of the iceberg.

“The wart of racism has been removed from the face of America”?! C’mon, man.

Steve Virden, Florissant


A partial list of President Trump’s accomplishments

2017: Ford cancels plans for Mexico; construction at a 10-year high; new jobs everywhere; repealing Obamacare; raise for military. Killed Trans Pacific Partnership; renegotiated NAFTA; opened Keystone and Dakota pipelines, resulting in more than 28,000 jobs; defunded Planned Parenthood; froze raises in government; started border wall. Stock market tops 20,000. Stopped visas for terrorist countries; set up safe zones in Syria; researched how to defund “Sanctuary Cities.” Created 227,000 new jobs; negotiated down cost of F-35’s; removed last six months of President Obama’s executive orders; pledged to save Medicare; planned tax reductions; lowered corporate tax to 20%. Created over half a million new jobs by March 17; decreased debt more than $100 billion. Confirmation that Trump Admininistration had surveillance performed on them. Attacked Syrian Airbase after WMD/Sarin chemical attack on civilians, by Asad. Nasdaq breaks 6,000. Canceled President Obama’s executive order that took 265 million acres from the States in the name of the National Parks. Improved steel industry. By April, pulled out of Paris Environmental accords. Jobless rate hits 17-year low. More than 3% growth over three consecutive quarters. Border patrol arrests at 45-year low and are 25% down. Signed bill that grants Georgia its first national historic park at the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site. Passed tax reform; lowered taxes; repealed Obamacare mandate. ISIS is down to less than 3,000. Out of Iraq and Syria. Cut UN payments by $285 million.

2018: Stocks rose 44% through January. Jobless claims at a 45-year LOW. Military budget increased $700 billion. Record tax collections. North Koreans “Expressed willingness to begin earnest negotiations with the U.S.- de-nuclearization,” promised not to “resume strategic provocations.” 14 states set new records for low unemployment rates, including liberal states. In March, eight states hit new record low unemployment rates. Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. Record $2 trillion-plus taxes collected. Moved Israel Embassy to Jerusalem. In May, unemployment down to 3.8%. Wages rise, again; Black unemployment still record low; 2 million more jobs created. Economic growth and unemployment surpassing Reagan years.

Summary so far: Record unemployment rate, including record Black, Hispanic and female unemployment rate. Record stock market rally. Peace talks with North Korea. Record consumer confidence. ISIS decimated. PRIDE IN AMERICA! Created Space Force. Funding for NASA and space contractors. Signs executive order to keep migrant families together (rescinds President Clinton law). Creates 3.4 MILLION new jobs. Supreme Court OK’s Trump’s travel ban, rejects Muslim bias claim. Eliminated the Estate Tax (Death Tax). Six satellites and two Mars rovers — most ever. North Korea returns 55 soldier remains, begins removing land mines & more nuclear sites. No missile tests. Largest military pay raise. Replaces NAFTA.

2019: NO RUSSIA COLLUSION. Hillary Clinton hoax! Three years of fake news and treason. ISIS gone. Lowest unemployment rates for Blacks, Hispanics and women ... ever. Support for charter schools and school choice. Constructed 300-plus miles of border wall. Three vaccines available for COVID-19, in nine months, not five years. Passes stimulus. Dow up over 28,000. NASA, Space X and Space Force fully supported. Family Farm — no death tax, eliminated stifling regulations. Passed “right to try” experimental medications for terminal patients.

2020: Status of economy upon leaving office: Gasoline — low of $1.55 per gallon; interest rates, 2.65%; stock market 28,000-plus, (including fighting COVID for nine months). GDP growth in third quarter of 33%. Best economy ever until COVID, and it is recovering well. No new wars or conflicts in last four years. North Korea detante and no new missile tests. ISIS DONE. Housing market strongest in over 20 years. Massive home appreciation rates, and homes sell within hours of going on the market.

Of course, the major (corrupt) media never covered most, if any, of this.

Miss him, yet?

David K. Johnson, Florissant

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