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The kindness of a stranger

As we all listen to more of the anger and divisiveness in our current society, I would like to take note of an example of the true kindness that exists in our small town.

On April 14, I was in Safeway, using an electric cart because I cannot walk very well at the moment. I got through the checkout process and discovered I had forgotten my wallet, so not only didn’t I have a credit card or cash I didn’t have any identification so I could write a check. I was about to have them suspend the order so I could come back later (which would have meant more walking) when the man in line behind me gave the checkout woman his credit card and insisted on paying for my order. The kindness of that offer was simply breathtaking. When I tried to find some way to adequately say thank you, he dismissed that by simply saying “Pay it forward.” I will certainly do that and perhaps someone reading this might also consider countering whatever hate filled action has happened in the world by taking the time — or money — to “Pay it forward.”

Nancy Spradling

Woodland Park


CUSP slash site to open May 29

The Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP) applauds the featured efforts for wildfire mitigation and the comments of the County Commissioners in the April 20 Courier (“Teller County Commissioners underscore necessity of fire mitigation”). As noted, the risk for wildfire remains high and property owner actions can help protect their property, as well as their neighbor’s property. Mitigation information can be found on the CUSP website, cusp.ws/forest-issues-2. The Colorado State Forest Service also has several resources for property owners on their website, csfs.colostate.edu.

To further Commissioner Williams comments, the Divide Slash Site will be open beginning May 29 through Sept. 4, Saturdays only, 9 a.m. — 4 p.m. The site is located off Hybrook Road, on the left past the Post Office. The price to dispose of slash is $20 per pick-up load or equivalent, cash or check only. Be sure to check the website for any unforeseen closures, DivideSlashSite.com.

The Divide Slash Site is available to dispose of woody materials from property mitigation work. The maximum length of material that can be accepted is 6 feet, maximum diameter is 8 inches. We cannot accept stumps, roots, lumber, weeds, trash, or dirt. No bark, pine needles or pine cones not attached to branches.

The Slash Site has been a valuable resource for the community over the years. CUSP is pleased to continue to provide this service as we are able.

Jane Mannon, Director, Outreach & Development, Coalition for the Upper South Platte

Lake George


Tell your senators to stop the For the People Act

Liberals in Congress are trying to ram through a bill that will destroy our ability to have fair elections. The “For the People Act” (S 1, 2021) is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation in American history.

Instead of the “For the People Act,” it should be called the “One Party Takeover of American Government Act.”

According to the Heritage Foundation, the bill — passed in the Democrat-controlled House (HR 1, 2021) and currently in the Senate — would give the federal government control over elections and take power away from the states.

The For the People Act would (among other things) implement nationwide the same kind of changes in election laws that marred the 2020 elections. The bill would:

• Require states to allow felons to vote.

• Require states to register 16- and 17-year-olds to vote.

• Prohibit checking government records to make sure non-citizens aren’t voting.

• Require states to let people register to vote on election day (making it almost impossible to verify citizenship and prevent double voting).

• Prohibit state laws requiring people to show an ID before voting.

• Prohibit any inquiry regarding a person’s legal status to vote.

• Require states to allow “ballot harvesting” (where someone can collect ballots from others and turn them in) — even by candidates and others working in campaigns.

Americans just like you need to get involved in the process and turn our nation around. We encourage you to directly contact your U.S. senators today and tell them to stop the For the People Act!

Richard Harris, Executive Director, Truth & Liberty Coalition

Woodland Park


Re: Writers on the Range column

You know, I have only been reading the Ute Pass Courier since the early 1970s — on and off, mind you, during a 31-year Navy career. But really folks, where DID you find the Writers on the Range group?

They are a progressive, socialist organization that espouses ideas without a basis in experience, let alone fact. I love their electric car idea, but I commute 70 miles a day down the pass and can’t get home in the winter. Huh, I wonder if they’ll pay the tow fee for the dead batteries.

Neither the infrastructure nor the capacity to charge exists. They’ll just pass a law, violate physics and make it happen ... gotta love them laws.

The increase in electricity prices brought on by the governor here in Colorado has forced those on fixed incomes, the elderly, to have to decide whether to eat or heat.

I know wind and solar make you feel good as you screw the folks who can’t afford it. You take money out of my pocket to subsidize rich people who can afford electric cars, you ban oil and natural gas killing jobs and electricity because wind and solar are sooooo “woke,” you know.

And now the Writers have problems with other states’ voting laws. Listen, you CANNOT do anything in this country without an ID. Nothing. (Well, you can use the porta-potty.) Grow up folks, look in the mirror, look at the options and do not fall for the shysters and snake oil salesmen. And get a backbone……sheesh

Daniel T. Keuhlen, Commodore, USN (ret)

Woodland Park

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