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Be informed, be heard

I find it unsettling, not to mention disturbing, seeing our rights taken away when elections go through without people knowing anything about candidates.

We in “Stellar” Teller County have an election for commissioner of two districts in November 2020.

Do we, as residents, want a commissioner to examine, and if possible, remove unnecessary regulations? This should not be a stepping stone to advance to another office, but a person who wants to make Teller County the best it can be.

I began attending county commissioner meetings last month, and am learning about our county. Do you know what is going on in the county?

Our commissioners are the only voice we have, do you know who they are and how to contact them? The current commissioners are Bob Campbell, Norm Steen and Marc Detenrieder. Call 719-689-2988 to contact them. The website is www.co.teller.co.us.

I have met candidate David Rusterholtz. It seems a good idea to have a businessman listening, and not someone telling us how it will be. Isn’t that how our country was founded, by and for the people, not by and for the government? Here is his website: rusterholtz4teller.com

I have noticed that people who live here like their privacy, and possibly don’t want to get involved. Our hopes are being eroded at high levels of government. Don’t let your hope be stolen. I encourage you to stand for your right to be informed, and heard. Please check out the candidates to decide, and take your time to cast your vote.

Leslie Vail


Thank you from the CC-V music department

The CC-V Pioneers music department held its fourth annual Evening of Music Silent Auction and Dinner on Oct. 17, and we raised almost $1,000 this year. This event could not have been so successful without the support of many businesses and individuals in the community.

On behalf of the CC-V music department, I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the following for their invaluable support with donations: Cripple Creek Ace Hardware, Cripple Creek Parks and Rec, 9494 Gifts with Altitude, The Cheshire Cat, Century Casino, Gold Camp Bakery, That Little Store, Cindy Snell, Heather Jones, Malissa Gish, Andrea Frost, Anita Braun and Cookie Ringo. I would additionally like to thank the following musicians for volunteering their time to provide some excellent music for the event: Tracy Taylor, Gary Reynolds, Mikayla Baker, Sandi Canzonieri and Robert Gance.

I am so grateful to live in a community that demonstrates so much support for our students. Thank you again to everyone!

Annie Durham

CC-V Secondary Performing Arts program, Cripple Creek

Complaint after complaint about road issues

Teller County’s 2020 Annual Road Maintenance and Improvement Plan needs to change their title to Annual Road Upkeep Plan.

In their 2020 plan, they took out specific details on the road maintenance they would perform and filled the plan with goal and fancy wording. Is this so residents can’t make complaints if they don’t know what to expect for their road maintenance? Roads are maintained according to the road count. Brad Shaw (operations supervisor with the Teller County Department of Transportation) said there wasn’t enough money to count all roads. So how can they make a plan if they don’t know the true road count?

It seems the problem is the 484 miles of gravel roadways. The county’s plan to pave 3 miles a year. It would take more than 161 years to get existing roads paved and doesn’t account for future growth. In the meantime, the county commissioners are sitting in the new Centennial building; Public Works has a new building; and now they save $6.8 million for a new Sheriff’s expansion. After the Sheriff’s building, what other county department is going to get millions saved for their new building?

The county departments are living in their castles while we are treated like peasants getting what little morsels they hand out just to maintain the current roads. Don’t we as residents have a right to know where and how they saved all these millions for their new buildings and what programs were robbed to pay Paul? The Director of Public Works, Fred Clifford, has been getting commissioners’ accolades for the great job he is doing for them. What about the poor job he is doing to maintain our roads? I say more of their savings needs to go to road improvements. Residential property taxes have gone up 32%. Where is this money going?

They boast about working hard for equality and transparency. Then prove it and show your residents how their money is being spent. An audit by an outside agency needs to be done into Teller County’s budget, then published for the public.

Patricia O’Neil


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