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I am very thankful to the Teller County Commissioners for standing up to the liberals in the state legislature. Their choice of the Second Amendment over the unconstitutional “Red Flag Bill” is refreshing. My only disappointment is that they did not declare Teller County as Second Amendment Sanctuary.

I expect to see continued rejection of similar invasive, unconstitutional legislation that disenfranchise the citizens in the rural areas of the nation. As the progressive liberals continue to concentrate and settle in the larger cities and coastal areas of the nation, we will endure more government overreach attempts like this. The recent rejection of the Electoral College by the Colorado state legislature is a clear example of this trend. Our brilliant Founding Fathers knew that the large population centers would eventually overpower the political desires of the smaller, rural communities of this nation. The Electoral College has, thus far, aided in the delay of that disaster.

I pray that the recent stance taken by our County Commissioners will serve as a wake-up call to the citizens of Teller County. Perhaps with the support of other like-minded, Constitution-supporting politicians, pressured by their constituents, the slow dismantling of our “constitutional republic” can be reversed. The proportional representation ensured by our Founding Fathers through constitutional checks and balances, like the Electoral College, is critical to the survival of this nation.

Buck Dugger

Woodland Park


Do we need six agencies — Teller County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado State Patrol and the Woodland Park, Green Mountain Falls, Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs police departments — monitoring the Ute Pass/U.S. Highway 24 for speeding?

I respect our police officers and appreciate all their work for a safer community.

Woodland Park has mostly retired residents, is dead before 11 a.m. and after 5 p.m. and crime is limited.

Presumably traffic cops want to make a difference in our society in a productive way.

Traffic signs have decreased in miles per hour over time, and the police monitor those intersections. Woodland Park used to be 55-45-35; now it is 45-35-30. The Colorado Department of Transportation should have an exit for Woodland Park as no highway should be 30 mph.

The police say it’s about “safety.” Let’s be real, it’s about “money.” Citizens feel harassed and get anxiety when pulled over. Stress on police officers is extremely tremendous.

Real safety issues:

1. Deal with panhandling vagrants who are not productive in our society. Citizens don’t feel safe going down to shop in Manitou or Colorado Springs.

2. If child molestation, drug and human trafficking, murder, rape and white-collar crime were addressed in the same manner as traffic violations, I am certain the U.S. would be safer.

3. New striping/reflectors are needed as the lights from oncoming traffic at night are blinding.

If violations are paid by a certain date, points will be reduced — the new “Russian Mafia.” Auto insurance rates will go up for 3 to 5 years as the point system is another way to bully us. Do lawyers, judges, police officers, firefighters or politicians ever have to pay traffic violations?

Other countries charge more for driver’s licenses upfront, and citizens get enhanced driving training.

Our future will bring self-driving cars that will go the exact speed limit so there will be no more traffic tickets. I will be sad as America is known for cars and driving, but it may be good for society. Freedom?

Ron Pijut

Woodland Park

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