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Former Woodland Park Councilwoman Carrol Harvey.

Jim Pfaff’s guest column “Scoundrels always react to those who expose their duplicity” that appeared in the Jan. 6, 2021 edition of the Pikes Peak Courier is vintage Jim Pfaff — it is littered with misinformation and misdirection. Let’s set the record straight.

Mr. Pfaff would like to misdirect you from the real recall issues by claiming some Woodland Park residents are dissatisfied with him because he wants to lower taxes. He is wrong. What a great sound bite though! Who does not want lower taxes? However, lowering taxes is not one of the recall issues. Nothing could be further from the truth.

For some reason, Mr. Pfaff has a personal vendetta against former City Manager David Buttery and current Councilman Rusty Neal. Mr. Pfaff claims Mr. Buttery is spearheading the recall effort against Mr. Pfaff. He is wrong. Mr. Pfaff also claims that Mr. Buttery is being helped in the recall effort by Councilman Rusty Neal and those in Councilman Neal’s “voting bloc.” He is wrong.

A short history and civics lesson for Mr. Pfaff: The so-called wrongdoings or failed policies Mr. Pfaff attributes to Mr. Buttery were actually initiated by the Woodland Park City Council or approved by Woodland Park residents. Elected officials set policies and it is the city manager’s charge to implement those policies. The city manager does not and cannot initiate, adopt or implement such matters in a vacuum.

The Woodland Aquatic Center and Memorial Park renovation were the top two priorities of the elected members of the City Council for three years in a row. Mr. Buttery did not establish these projects as City priorities, the sitting City Council did. I know — I was one of those Council members. And, for the record, Mr. Buttery did not initiate the school sales tax. An elected member of the School Board initiated that matter and voters approved it in a general election. Of course, Mr. Pfaff has no historical knowledge of any of these matters because he was not here then. As is frequently his bombastic habit, he recklessly makes false allegations in an attempt to misdirect attention away from him.

Mr. Pfaff is the problem and not Mr. Buttery or Councilman Neal.

Mr. Pfaff is a political nomad wandering from town-to-town and job-to-job in pursuit of his next gig. He lives in a camper (with Indiana license plates) in a campground in Woodland Park. He cannot support his claim, made under the penalties of perjury, that he resided in Woodland Park for 12 months before the April 7, 2020 election, as required of candidates for the Woodland Park City Council. One is hard-pressed to imagine that Mr. Pfaff intends to be a long-term Woodland Park resident instead of using his current position on the City Council as a stepping stone to his next gig.

The recall effort is based on several factors.

First and foremost, Woodland Park Concerned Citizens (WPCC) believe it appears Mr. Pfaff committed election fraud and perjury by claiming to have satisfied the 12-month residency requirement to run for elected office in Woodland Park. The growing membership of the WPCC also believes Mr. Pfaff demonstrates an apparent intention to move on to “other places” in part, by failing to establish a long-term commitment to Woodland Park as evidenced by living in a camper in a campground.

In a self-produced video, Mr. Pfaff literally brags about leveraging a Colorado State Statute that allows “homeless” individuals to claim living in a campground as their residency for purposes of being a candidate for public office. He is wrong and this assertion gives a whole new meaning to the “Saturday Night Live” character living in his van down by the river. Only, this is not a laughing matter to those of us who call Woodland Park home. In addition, Mr. Pfaff admitted he owns a home in Indiana. So, he is not “homeless.”

The WPCC also believes several of Mr. Pfaff’s policy positions conflict with the best long-term interests of Woodland Park residents such as eliminating all zoning ordinances. His insistence that the Woodland Aquatic Center be “mothballed” is outrageous. This facility and its construction were approved by the voters in Woodland Park. It is currently utilized by a large demographic from surrounding neighborhoods and schools.

Mr. Pfaff also stated that he wishes to repeal the resident-approved sales tax supporting the Woodland Park School District. Again, it appears Mr. Pfaff is ignorant of the wishes of the long-time residents and voters of Woodland Park. No surprise, as he is an apparent transient whose primary objective appears to be using our town as a stepping-stone for some other political goal. Finally, WPCC members are appalled at the disrespect and bullying he frequently demonstrates against City residents, City employees and other members of the City Council (especially Councilman Neal).

Ask yourself this: Why is that Mr. Pfaff has not honestly and completely answered even one, let alone all, of the questions posed to him which can be viewed at www.recallpfaff.com/recall-pfaff-woodland-park-fact-and-fiction/ ?

Let’s call out this guy for what he is and set the record straight.

Carrol Harvey is a 20-year Army veteran, 15-year resident (and property owner) of Woodland Park, former member and Chair of the Woodland Park Planning Commission and former member and Mayor Pro Tem of the Woodland Park City Council.

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