Courtesy of Teller County Sheriff’s Office

Teller County Cpl. Lad Sullivan has been promoted to Detentions Commander at the jail in Divide.

Teller County Cpl. Lad Sullivan has been promoted to Detentions Commander and will oversee jail operations with a staff of 28 deputies.

Sullivan’s promotion to Commander caps a 31-year career in law enforcement. Retired after 30 years with the Colorado State Patrol, Sullivan was an investigator and supervisor for the patrol’s Colorado Division of Gaming in Cripple Creek.

Before retiring from the state patrol, Sullivan served as the Agent in Charge for the gaming division in Central City and Black Hawk. He hired on with Teller County in 2019.

Sullivan replaces Commander Stan Bishop who is now the Teller County Undersheriff. “It’s a unique challenge for me,” Sullivan said. “Being in law enforcement for more than 30 years, I had never worked in a jail.”

Sullivan said he will continue to enforce Sheriff Jason Mikesell’s 287(g) agreement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Under the agreement with ICE, the sheriff’s office detains prisoners who are not legal U.S. citizens and face criminal or pending criminal charges.

“No policies will change,” he said.

Currently, eight ICE detainees are being housed in the jail, Sullivan said.

Teller County is the only county in Colorado whose sheriff has signed such an agreement with ICE. Sheriff Mikesell has been unsuccessfully sued by the ACLU, which was acting for six county taxpayers who charge that the sheriff is using taxpayer funds for three deputies to receive training in the requirements of the agreement.

At the jail, in addition to the detainees, there are about 60 prisoners currently housed for a facility with a capacity of 120 prisoners. To date, there have been no cases of COVID-19 among the jail population. “We do screenings of people in and out,” Sullivan said. “We’ve been very lucky.”

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