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Rachel Keesling, graduate of Woodland Park High School, is the new family doctor at UCHealth Pikes Peak Regional Hospital clinic.

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The new doctor in town is back home and practicing family medicine at the UCHealth Pikes Peak Regional Hospital clinic.

A graduate of Woodland Park High School in 1998, Rachel Keesling ventured out to the East Coast to medical school at the University of New England in Bangor, Maine, and later fulfilled an internship in Long Island, N.Y.

After serving her residency in various hospitals around the country, Keesling returned to Colorado where she worked for a medical group in Colorado Springs.

“I built a house here and this position came open,” she said. “Woodland Park has always been home.”

As a family doctor, Keeslng combines osteopathy and medicine. “We go through all the same medical schools, do all the same residencies but we add manual manipulation,” she said, adding that, in effect, she is a doctor as well as a chiropractor. “The osteopathic philosophy is one that treats the whole person — body, mind and spirit. A dysfunction in any one of those parts will lead to a manifestation of disease in the other parts.”

In her new practice, Keesling said she will focus on wellness and preventative measures along with doing screenings for breast and colon cancer.

A world traveler, Keesling retains a desire to help patients in other countries. “During med school I did medical trips to Africa, Ghana, Togo and Benin,” she said. “I visited China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. That’s the kind of thing I’d like to keep doing.”

After a long period without a physician at the clinic, the staff is on board. “Dr. Keesling is a D.O., which a lot of our patients love,” said Jeannette Liller, N.P.

In the office, Jennifer Alfrey is equally welcoming. “Dr. Keesling is local, which is so important to the community,” she said.

A versatile musician on the side, Keesling plays guitar, piano, saxophone, dulcimer, clarinet, Irish and Scottish bagpipes — she sings, too. Did we mention she speaks also speaks Spanish? And, when she isn’t occupied with music, Keesling rides her ATV or her motorcycle.

The UCHealth Pikes Peak Regional Hospital clinic is on the National Register of Historic Places. For an appointment, call 686-0878.

Pikes Peak Courier Reporter

Pikes Peak Courier Reporter

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