Jackalope shop in downtown Woodland Park

Stephanie Scoville, left, and Lyndsey Hart have opened the Jackalope shop in downtown Woodland Park.

The most recent entry in the center of Downtown Woodland Park is out-of-the-box retail. “We’re a little edgy,” said Stephanie Scoville who with Lyndsey Hart recently opened Jackalope just west of Antler Alley.

A boutique, an art gallery and a furniture shop with an emphasis on interior decorating, Jackalope spices up the inventory with such items as a jacket made from a bedspread.

Regulars at estate sales, Scoville and Hart have an eye for capturing interest in the inventory. “My furniture now is called ‘jacked-up’” Hart said. “I repurpose furniture, but no longer call it that.”

Hart, who launched the Warehouse in Woodland Park several years ago, brought recycling to the forefront of upcycled marketing. Today, she’s revised her knack with a new moniker that fits the partner’s desire to be different, classy or jacked-up.

The shop on two levels is inviting, beginning with the imprinted jackalope on the front door. Inside is showcase for the partners’ talent for decorating; what looks like a bar — the type where you could belly up and get a drink — is really a place for displaying some of the items.

The bar used to be in the old Fossil Inn in Florissant. Hart isn’t telling where she got it. To capitalize on the bar motif, there’s even a large mirror on the wall behind the bar. Oh, and there are the packaged candy cigarettes, just to add interest.

“Everything in here you just can’t get on the internet,” Scoville said, referring to the bane of all retail shops these days. “Like, our tea towels you aren’t going to find anywhere else — they’re a little edgy,” Hart added.

Some items are on consignment such as several antique clocks restored by Woodland Park’s clock magician, Ted Stoughton. There’s Natasha the Fortune Teller, a set of china, several pieces of art and hand-crafted purses.

Scoville and Hart have designed the upper level to be a bedroom, cozy with jacked-up furniture, including chairs for reading — maybe one of the dozens of books on the shelves.

With the high-end stereo equipment, Jackalope is already attracting out-of-town buyers who got the word. “Jackalope is retail therapy and it’s not just for women,” Scoville said.

For information, call 648-0907.

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