GMF lake

The laek in Green Mountain Falls is pictured June 1, 2021.

The fitness court in Green Mountain Falls is a go. Mayor Jane Newberry and the board of trustees voted unanimously last week to accept the $200,000 grant from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund.

The acceptance comes with conditions such as the $20,000 match for the town to fund installation of the concrete pad for the court. Penman Construction has offered to donate the materials and labor for the project expected to begin next month.

The court, to be installed in the park adjacent to the tennis and basketball courts, is an outdoor circuit-training gym.

Additional costs to the town include $319 for the annual CIRSA insurance premium, $90 a month for Wi-Fi connection and up to $70,000 for restroom facilities, which the mayor expects to fund with CARES money.

The board’s approval was at the recommendation of the parks/trails/recreation committee. Jesse Stroope, a part-time resident, chairs the committee and represents the Kirkpatrick Family Fund. He was at the meeting Sept. 7 to answer questions about the grant.

The grant includes a 10-year license for the abstract painting by Keith Haring. In addition, the town agreed to the condition that the family fund would select and pay for future art works, pending approval by the mayor and trustees.

Newberry offered the meeting as in-person or Zoom. However, the online audience complained that they could not hear the conversation or presentations. As well, the video did not show the mayor and the trustees.

Until this meeting, the updated Zoom setup belonged personally to the town clerk, Matt Gordon, who resigned last month.

As a result, Newberry announced that the meetings may be in-person only. However, the board did not decide the issue that evening.

The next meeting is at 7 p.m. Sept. 21 in town hall.

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