The first artist-in-residence for Green Box Arts, Chad Mount is spending the month in Green Mountain Falls incorporating nature into his work.

Motivated by what he views as the fragile environment, Mount uses projected light and acrylic paint to meld science and art in his work. “I am harnessing the power of imagination and optimism, with my approach to art,” said Mount, who hails from Oklahoma City. “I’m essentially doing studies in nature with my tools that I create art with.”

Undaunted by the frequent snowstorms this month, Mount looks on the bright side. “When the snow falls, everything becomes a canvas — it’s white and reflective and bounces light,” he said.

For Mount, the residency, which includes lodging, is intended to enhance his artistry while enabling him to get acquainted with people in the community. At the beginning of February, Church in the Wildwood hosted a reception.

Mount has had the opportunity to share his ideas with sixth-graders at the Mountain Academy of Arts and Sciences at Ute Pass Elementary School.

And on one cold night in Green Mountain Falls, Mount practiced his technique of what he calls projected mapping, that is, projecting light onto a subject, a clump of trees, for instance.

With his cellphone camera, Mount caught the golden hue of the trees enhanced by the projector for a scene heightened by the sound of trees blowing in the wind.

“I’m playing with light frequency, sound frequency in creating a painting and illuminating this landscape by working with elements of nature,” Mount said. “I’m trying to get people to look at things a little differently, but especially in the beginning phase — to develop language that gets to the heart of the environmental component behind the art; the sciences and human history are going into that as well.”

A cultural infusion into Green Mountain Falls for the past 11 years, the Green Box Arts Festival has featured professional dancers, musicians, chefs, artists and speakers on various topics. The two-week event during the summer includes art installations, workshops, an art walk and a hike on one of the town’s mountain trails.

“We are delighted to embark upon a new leg of the Green Box Arts umbrella, offering a unique opportunity and immersive arts experience through our Artist in Residence program,” said Christian Keesee, Green Box Arts co-founder.

With this year serving as the pilot year for the program, Green Box Arts aims to bring a residency once a quarter.

American writer Blake Bailey will be the program’s second artist in residence during the month of April.

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