Dwyane Garman has been elected to take the place of Erik Stone as the chair of Teller County Republicans. Stone resigned to run for a position on the Teller County Board of Commissioners.

New chairman of Teller County Republicans Dwyane Garman plans to enhance visibility to the organization.

Garman was elected to the position after Erik Stone resigned to run for a seat on the Teller County Board of Commissioners.

“I do want to form a closer relationship with Woodland Park and Cripple Creek,” said the Woodland Park resident. “What can we do for them and what can they do for us?”

Teller County Republicans is the organization committee of the Republican Party in Teller County. While the group is local, Garman plans to reach out to the legislators in Denver. “I want to take our conservatism and remind Denver and the rest of the state that we’re not in favor of the government to completely ignore our Second Amendment rights,” Garman said.

Garman considers the Red Flag bill, effective as of Jan. 1, an infringement on those Second Amendment rights. The bill permits police or family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from persons who may present a danger to themselves or others.

“I am so ecstatically happy that our commissioners have said they will stand behind our sheriff and not enforce the Red Flag law,” he said. “At the same time, I would like to wake up Colorado Springs and say ‘stand with us and let’s make sure things like that get repealed or never get passed again in the future.’”

Garman said he is comfortable with Teller County Sheriff Jason Mikesell’s stated refusal to follow Colorado law in this instance. “The Constitution is the supreme law of this land and takes precedence over anything that Denver passes,” he said. “If we’re not careful we’re going to lose more rights.”

Garman’s solution would be to start over. “Rewrite the bill so that it protects us,” he said.

On the issue of taxes in a county known for its conservative views, Garman supports taxation to support services such as police, fire, roads and EMS. “But it’s gotten way out of hand. As a country and a state, we want to tax the rich for everything,” he said. “And we do like to keep our money rather than sending it off to them for who-knows-what reason. We want a responsible government.”

In his other life, Garman owns Top Banana Events and is known as “The Balloon Guy.” The professional children’s entertainer has performed magic shows as “Dwyane Faux” (his stage name) since 1985, he said.

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