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The Sallie Bush Community Building in Green Mountain Falls is the place to be from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. June 23, when Bingo players show up to score some prizes.

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A return to vibrancy, the historic Sallie Bush Community Building in Green Mountain Falls hosts family reunions, weddings, birthday parties, school events and Bingo games

Built in 1950 and named after the editor of The Ute Pass Echo newspaper, the building was once the heart of the community, with dances and events associated with the annual Bronc Day. In fact, the building first opened to the public on Bronc Day of that year.

In some ways, the new wave of Bingo players reflects a return to community, when people gathered in one spot to try their hand at the age-old game that ends when someone in the room yells “Bingo!” Admit it or not, others hoped the caller was wrong.

The board hosts the games once a month — the next one is Sunday, June 23 and will include popcorn, ice cream, root beer and orange floats, sodas and water.

“We have people who come here from Divide,” said Lana Fox, president of the board of directors for the nonprofit Sallie Bush Community Building/ Ute Pass Community Association II.

The games are a fundraiser for the organization for maintenance and upgrades. “The outside of the building needs to be repainted, which is going to cost $3,000,” Fox said.

Along with the paint job, the board hopes to improve the electrical system. “These are the original light fixtures; they don’t give out much light,” Fox said.

Perhaps the most dramatic use of the building is as a venue for dance performances and conversations associated with the annual Green Box Arts Festival — this year’s is from July 4-13.

Along with the games, the Yule Festival in December is the major fundraiser for the organization. “Bingo and the Yule Festival are the ones we get the most community support for,” she said.

The next Family Night Bingo is from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. June 23. Bingo cards are 5 for $20.

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