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Question: I’ve received a letter from the State of Colorado Department of Human Services about my benefits, and I don’t understand what they are asking me. I know that I’m supposed to be careful of scams and I’m not sure this is a legitimate request. How should I proceed?

Answer: If you receive any correspondence through the mail from the State of Colorado Department of Health and Human Services about any benefits you are receiving, such as food stamps, old age pension, Medicaid, and so on, be sure you do not ignore it, even if you are confused and the directions aren’t clear.

The best first step is to call your case manager, whose name is on the letter and who is local to Teller County; their phone number should also be there. But be aware: some of the letters are generated at the state level, without the local case manager’s knowledge, so when you call you may have to provide them all the details of what the letter is asking for in order for your case manager to look it up and help you.

If you are still confused, get an advocate, such as another family member or trusted neighbor, to call or accompany you to the Teller County Department of Human Services office (800 Research Drive, Suite 100, Woodland Park) to discuss the letter. You can also call and make an appointment with your Senior Advocate — either myself in Cripple Creek at 719-689-3584, ext. 101, or Sharron Hahn at Teller Senior Coalition in Woodland Park, at 719-687-3330.

Requirements are changing all the time, so be sure to explore what is needed and don’t wait to act on any correspondence you may receive.

Rebecca Blair is a Senior Advocate at the Community of Caring Foundation Aspen Mine Center. Contact her with questions on senior living in Teller County at rebecca@aspenminecenter.org or 719-689-3584, ext. 101.

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