(COURIER) Sample Colorado license plate
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A sample Colorado license plate.

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Due to a computer error, about 100,000 Coloradans were overcharged by $50 to $120 last month while renewing their vehicle registration with the state Division of Motor Vehicles.

The specific ownership tax “was calculated at a higher rate than outlined by the state formula” for some people with vehicle model years 2010 and 2014 to 2018, DMV spokeswoman Sarah Werner said in an email.

The glitch affected people across the state.

The DMV did not say how vehicle owners can receive refunds.

“Programming has been developed and is currently being tested to correct this issue for individuals who have not yet renewed their December-expired registration and to make sure this error does not occur in the future,” Werner said in the email. “Research is in progress to determine the full scale of the issue. The DMV is working with the DRIVES County Governance Committee and Colorado county clerks to determine a resolution for individuals who were impacted by the error. We will reach out to affected residents once this is completed.

“We apologize for this issue and are committed to making it right for those affected.”

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