The Woodland Park Downtown Development Authority provided updates on proposals for Woodland Station at its Oct. 1 meeting.

The TAVA House restaurant/tap room/sports bar/event center proposed this summer by Derek and Nicole Waggoner, and a mixed-use development that would include restaurants, retail, entertainment and lodging may both be a go for the land parcel.

“After receiving two proposals and the letter of interest, the board has decided that the TAVA House and the mixed-use proposals may be compatible with each other and combining the two might achieve a larger, more valuable development plan,” stated the DDA board.

Additional details about the mixed-use development remain confidential at the request of the developer, said DDA board chairman Merry Jo Larsen. Michael Williams, who is represented by George Christian, submitted the proposal.

Also, Arden Weatherford submitted a letter of intent expressing interest in participating in the DDA’s development plans for Woodland Station with a biergarten. Submitted with the letter of intent is a copy of the concept plan for Woodland Station that the DDA helped fund and ultimately approved in 2013. No specific development proposal accompanied the letter.

The DDA board’s statement continued, “At the same time, the board has invited Mr. Weatherford to submit a proposal. The TAVA House and mixed-use developers are cooperating with each other and with the DDA and development planning, while still in concept phase, is moving forward. Mr. Weatherford has not yet submitted a proposal.”

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