For the first meeting of 2020, Teller County commissioners elected Marc Dettenrieder as chairman and Bob Campbell as vice chairman of the board.

With 150 new bills in the state legislature, the commissioners vow to keep track of events in Denver.

“The challenge begins for commissioners to monitor, advocate and slow down bills that are not helpful to citizens in Teller County,” said Commissioner Norm Steen. Winding down his service, Steen stepped down as the chairman of Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments.

For the past several years, Steen has served on the state’s transportation legislative steering committee. “I hope to get the tone and direction of where the legislature might be going with transportation funding and policy,” he said.

Looking ahead, Steen outlined his goals for the year, which include introducing the candidates to state and regional officials. “Sometimes, those personal connections can build trust with different levels of offices and agencies,” he said. “My objective is to make sure that a good solid handoff is done.”

Current commissioners Dettenrieder, Campbell and Steen followed the previous boards in choosing the Pikes Peak Courier as the official legal newspaper for Teller County.

“Many times in America we believe that the press is at odds with the government. In Teller County, we recognize that a free press and media are an important element in ensuring that transparency in government is maintained,” Steen said. “And our media, including the print media, the Pikes Peak Courier and Mountain Jackpot, I personally consider as a partner in communicating the intentions and actions of Teller County government. I just want to express my appreciation and look forward to continuing working with our media to make sure we are properly engaged with our public.”

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