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The temporary detour from the end of Barr Trail to the summit of Pikes Peak is outlined.

The hiking detour near the top of Pikes Peak will remain in effect through August, a month longer than initially anticipated.

A City of Colorado Springs news release last week said this was due to “construction delays on the installation of the new permatrak walkway” for the new Summit House.

The U.S. Forest Service in mid-May approved the redirection on the uppermost reaches of Barr Trail. Signs direct people south of the mountaintop down to Pikes Peak Highway. The road adds about a mile to the typical 12-mile trip from the trailhead and also tacks on more elevation gain.

In the release, the city again advised “extreme caution while hiking on the shoulder of the highway due to vehicular traffic.” This was previously not allowed on the highway. The city also warned that typical rides down from the summit might not be possible depending on construction.

The backside of the summit can still be accessed via the Crags and Devil’s Playground trails in Teller County. With that trailhead’s limited parking, the Forest Service has cautioned against the route as a Barr Trail alternative.

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